Monday, February 2, 2009

"Mysteries Of Life"


Do you ever stop and wonder what life would be like if you had done, fill in the blank, or had not done, fill in the blank? I’m not so much a believer that our life path is a predisposition. More along the lines of walking down a path that you, yes you chose.

I get rather irritated when people act like their life’s issues is anyone’s fault, but their own. You made your bed, somewhere along the line, now lie in it, “but I wasn’t born with a silver spoon in my mouth,” you say. Big deal, learn to live with in your means, now. It doesn’t matter how much money you have if you can’t handle what you have now who says that more money will solve your problems.

Anyone who has been affected by the current mortgage crisis picked a comforter that was way beyond their means to begin with, and if the truth be told you didn’t have good enough credit to buy the comforter in the first place. Rule of thumb, don’t spend more on a house then you make in a year.

The next statement might offend some, with that being said take what I have to say to heart. It’s no ones fault that you are single but your own. I realize that there are many that choose to be single, more power to you. The ones I’m talking about are the ones that spend more time worrying about being single then reflecting as to why they are single.

I have a certain friend who will remain nameless. She has a certain typeset of man that she only goes for. Nothing else will do. The only problem is she is 300 lbs and expects to land a tall dark and handsome man. She met a guy recently on the internet. She said they were “dating.” In reality, it consisted of them texting back and forth. She told me he refused to meet her until she dropped 150 lbs, and got mad at me when I pointed out how wrong that was, and even told me that no friend would stand between her and her man. What man? Oh you mean the one that refuses to meet you. I haven’t known you for the past 10 years, or anything

She has actually landed her typeset man a few times, but then chases them off with her (a) insecurities (b) 3rd degree questioning and © planning their future in under a week.

Every day I would get the same text message from her, “ I want to get married. When will it be my turn?” I’m the type of person that if you present me with a problem I will give you a solution. I have known this girl for many years. Thus, been more then exposed to her dating habits.

My first advice to her was that when she ropes one that is somewhat interested in marriage don’t morph into controlling bitch. That goes for everything; The “L” word, any ideas of marriage, children, religion, and career choice. You have to accept people at face value. A ring or even a commitment will not turn an asshole to anything more then an even bigger asshole.

Secondly, I told her she needed to forgo her typeset. Love isn’t always wrapped up in the packaging you expect it to be in. There could have been many, many men well suited that have crossed her path, but she may have dismissed them without a second glance because they weren’t her typeset. People that appear attractive on the outside are not always so on the inside.

My point in all of this is don’t let the mistakes you made yesterday frame your tomorrow. Rise above it all. Be content in your situation, but not dead to change. You, yes you choose your path.

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