Friday, February 6, 2009

Our attitude creates problems

Y o u r A t t i t u d e
I s Y o u r O w n
R e f l e c t i o n

Think of the little things over which we frequently quarrel about. A wife comes late from office or delays the evening tea and a tempest is created over the teapot. Quarrels over insignificant matters end up with the final solution of mutual divorce. This is reality.

Misunderstanding is often the result of ‘Attitude’. It affects relationships most. If we do not develop appropriate understanding, we invariably contaminate our vision about facts. Ego conditions our attitude and determines our consequent actions. We, therefore, need to give up our ego with true humility and that in turn enables us to respect another’s views.

While the whole world is craving for understanding it seems we are determined not to understand anything anyone says because of our ego. Communication without ego enables us to clear misunderstandings. We must be open and frank while talking and understanding enough while listening and filtering facts from feelings and opinions. A human being is basically an emotional creature but we forget this and expect cast-iron logic from others. We tend to forget that quality of our life is dependent on the quality of relations we make and maintain. Is it really difficult?

WE HUMANS live in an environment full of misunderstandings. We have hi-tech gadgets to communicate, but we fail miserably to get the other person to understand us or show some concern. Among uncivilized tribals or the illiterate rustics we find strong bonds of love and affection but amongst the so-called civilized gentry there is hypocrisy, jealousy, snobbery and cut-throat competition. These seem more prevalent than loving relationships. No two persons seem to understand each other well and as a result we suffer in domestic, social, official, national and international life. Most of our problems centre around misunderstanding.

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