Thursday, February 19, 2009

"Hope,Courage & Faith "


We sometimes brake down and fall

Those who stand above us

Can make us seem so small

We tremble under the weight

Of the problems that hold us down

And when we start to collapse

There seems to be no one around

We try to fight in this world

That always seems to fight back

Sometimes we’re not strong enough though

There are too many things we lack

We’ll hide away in corners

Put upon ourselves pain

But there’s no escape from this life

We all must suffer the same

But although we may struggle

And yes we all do fall

I’ll stand by your side

I’ll stay with you through it all

And if you start to tremble

Or even brake down

I’m your shoulder to cry on

I’ll always be around

We all have our faults

Are up and are downs

We cant always smile all the time

Everyone has to frown

No, no ones perfect

And no one is the same

We’re in this world together

We all play the same game

If we stick together

No matter what’s to come

With a little faith and hope

Anything can be done

We all get those bad times

Each and every one of us

But I promise it will get better

Just don’t you give up

But when you feel like you want too

Please just remember this

You can die at any time

But it takes a strong person to live

This poem is dedicated to you all.

For we all suffer sometimes in our lives.
Some of us suffer loss, others from the feeling of being different,
there are so many things that bring us down.....
Some sit in their rooms and just cry and pray for a better life,
some of us can’t handle things and reach for the knife.....
Whatever makes you depressed, no matter how down you feel,
how close to giving up you get, don’t!!!

Hold on, be strong, there is always someone out there who cares for you.

Life has it’s up and downs, and one day, it’ll look up for you too

If you need someone turn too, I'm here, for anyone who needs me.

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