Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Your World

Lying here alone upon these rocks tonight,
The loneliness is digging deeper & deeper within my heart
It's so cold lying here now
I'm starting to freeze -inside and out
Even the ghosts have gone home
The people have all gone away
This saturated loneliness
Is all too much to bear
Now I’m lying here
I think I’m dying here, tonight
Life is fading away
Memories turning to shades of gray
I'm lying here alone tonight, not knowing what to do
Lying here tonight
Knowing that this saturated loneliness
Was all caused by you...

So much like love and still so different.
Loneliness is sometimes welcomed, yet many times despised.
We don't often get to choose which,
but when it draws near, we are seldom surprised.

Sometimes, when I am sitting all alone,
I close my eyes and remember...
I remember how wonderful your arms feel,
As they are wrapped around my waist...
I remember your voice... Whispering in my ear.
It's times like these, when I am sitting alone,
Missing you, that I fall in love
Even further.
Even more... In love with you.

I sit here all alone,
Waiting for you to reappear into my life,
Waiting for you to come and rescue me from the shroud I am in,
Waiting for you to come,
And save me.

If tomorrow never comes,
I want to give you this one kiss,
I want to give you this one memory,
I want to spend this day with you,
I don't want to leave your side,
For fear tomorrow will never come,
And I won't get to say,

I love you,
Always have,
Always will,
You are my one,
You are the one who makes me whole,
You are the one who can save me,
And make me a better person than what I am,
You are my life.

If tomorrow never comes,
I want you to know everything,
I want you to memorize me,
I want you to memorize the way my lips touch yours,
I want you to memorize the way it feels when my fingers run through you hair,
I want you to memorize the way my hands caresses your body,
I want you to memorize me.

Yet something strange happens
When I think of you,
My heart twists in my chest,
And sadness enters my thoughts.
I sit here alone as sadness crept over me.

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