Friday, February 13, 2009

My Dream Girl

(Except the quote at the bottom)

When you find someone that you truly love..
you will ignore their million flaws for that one perfect person.

It hurts.

It heals.

It protects.

It makes us cry and smile at the same time.

It makes us dream, and shatters those dreams at the same time.

It is the best thing in the world.

And the worst.It reminds us of happy memories, sad memories. hurtful memories.But most of all,

After all the pain, hurt, sadness, and good times,It reminds us that NOTHING else in this world matters except that ONE thing that's worth living or dying for.

And that no matter WHAT, you would suffer ANYTHING for that thing that deserves this affection.THAT.. is love.

That Girl I post all this stuff in "Who I'd Like to Meet" box.About a girl I don't even know yet.I don't know where she lives.I don't know what she looks like.I don't know what her personality is.I don't even know her name.

But I do know shes there.And I'll find her.

She would be kind, funny, sweet, sexy, intelligent and romantic.

I want a best friend, a confident, a lover, an equal.Hair, race, age, weight, height matters not.

I will know when I look into her eyes, hear her speak, see her smile.

She will be my everything.

I will treat her with respect and adoration.I would want her to love me and let me spoil her.She would not be fake, deceitful, loud, or rude.

She would hold my heart and protect it, as I would hers.Our love would be true, lasting, and unconditional.

We would be the envy of all who saw our love.That perfect girl, in an imperfect world.The one who would accept me for who I am.And I know she's out there.

No matter how many people frown upon me.No matter how many people hate me.And no matter how many people judge me.I know there is one person who can make that all go away.

That girl who would make me practice the same speech.Hours upon Hours.Days upon Days.Weeks upon Weeks.Months upon Months.Years upon Years.Yet when it came time to tell her,She would leave me s.p.e.e.c.h.l.e.s.s

I just needtofind her.I gotta be careful though.Relationships are like drugs.Feel good for a while,But in the end they hurt you.

Finding my true love would be different.It wouldn't happen fast and last shortly.It would be like an unending roller coaster.

Not one you repeat, but literally unending.It would always be fun.Unexpecting.

The only one I would want to be on.And it would feel good forever.

That girl that cries when you tell her you love her.

That girl that smiles when you say I love you.

That feeling you get, in the pit of your stomach,When they say they love you back.

You smile, your eyes tearing up.

You feel wanted.You feel needed.

You Feel Important.

You feel Loved.

But then you open your eyes.

And see just a girl.And you watch her, gliding away with the wind.

And you don't know why.

And then you feel a hand on your shoulder.Warm, soothing.You turn around and those feelings intensify like the heat of a thousand suns.

You realize now what you felt before, that amazing feeling.Was just a girl you were using to meet those needs.

But search no longer.You and your true love are connected through an unknown bond.You don't know it, I don't know it.But you somehow know it's their, the moment you see them.

"When the Greek gods created the earth, they created monstrous beasts with 4 arms, 4 legs, and 2 heads. The gods, then in fear of the power of their creations, split the monsters in half. It is said to this day those two halves spend their whole lives searching for each other, wanting to be whole again."

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