Monday, February 23, 2009

A ladies guide to men...truth about men.

It's not what's in her that makes a man fall in love, it's what happens in him that makes a man fall in love with her. Men feel a woman on many levels, but are usually unable to express it in words. for those men who disagree, I'm sorry that your gay or a player.

A woman is a whole being sensation; not just the body, but the heart and soul as well.

Our body:

Our hearts race. we start to sweat. we get butterflies, even when we're not hungry. our fingers and toes a get numb. our breathing stops. our shoulders feel lite, almost like we're flying. It's no wonder we fall all over our selves when you're around.

Our mind:

Around you; we get nervous, and our minds flood with the feelings we have for you. making us forget any rational thought. It's no wonder we haven't the right answers when it's needed. we're not always absent-minded, if anything our minds are overloaded. sometime love is too strong for one man's mind to handle.

When you're not around our minds get lost, like there's something missing. most men don't realize that it is "you".

Our heart and soul:

At first we let you into our lives, then our heart, and the our soul. You reach farther into us then just the body and mind, you become part of our soul. I guess that's why it hurt so much when we break-up. most men think that if we show you how we feel about you in it's entirety, that it would kill us when it goes away. probably self preservation of sorts, maybe I don't know.

I believe the we're born only half hearted, and the other half of us is out there waiting to be found.

WARNING: Feelings may vary from man to man, but it's usually like that.

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