Thursday, October 23, 2008

"Find Your Soulmate"

How to Identify your Soul Mate

Some people believe in soul mates and some do not, but typically those people who disbelieve are just the one’s who haven’t found their’s yet. Those who have met “The One”, however, don’t doubt the existence of soul mates. They know how reassuring it is to have found a partner that is everything they’d hoped for and a whole lot more….

So what is a soul mate, and most importantly, how do you know when you’ve met your’s? Here’s a list of clues:

Strong attraction – Most often it’s a person’s physical features that catch our attention first. This doesn’t mean we’re just all superficial beings…. It’s only natural for us to be drawn to those we find physically attractive.

Good chemistry — Some people simply mesh well together. They have that so-called “spark.” You know you have good chemistry with someone when you feel at ease around them and conversation comes easily. Soul mates are the people that can be together for 50+ years and STILL have not run out of things to talk about.

Emotional connection – You know you’ve met your soul mate when you miss them before they’re even gone. It’s someone you find yourself constantly daydreaming about. Ultimately, it’s that person with whom you can actually picture yourself having a future with - marriage, kids, growing old together….

Bonding – Sometime’s it during a dramatic moment that you discover that the person you’re dating is your soul mate. For example, you’re in an accident, and you’re partner is there for you 100% like no one else has ever been, and you know then and there that it’s true love.

Acceptance – No one in this world is perfect, but you know you’ve met your soul mate when you are able to acknowledge their good traits AND their bad traits. You accept those things and aren’t always trying to change them into someone they’re not.

The one and only — Perhaps the easiest sign to identify when you’ve met your soul mate is this — when you can’t picture yourself being with anyone else ever again. It’s when you know deep in your heart that this person fulfills everything that you could ever want or need in a life partner.

Those that have found their soul mate are the lucky ones. Everyone else shouldn’t despair though…. “The One” could be just around the corner, or just a few mouse clicks away as more and more people are finding love through the opportunity that online dating presents. Are you ready to find your soul mate?

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