Thursday, October 23, 2008

How to Tell If He Wants to Marry You

Is He The One Whom You Will Give Your Vow?

Have you been wondering if the man of your dreams is ever going to propose to you? Well there are ways that you can tell and there are things that you can do to help him prepare for the next step of commitment.

This article will discuss some of the many ways you can tell if a man is going to pop the question and what hints he may drop to let you know that he is thinking about it.

He approaches you first. This is an easy way to know that he "diggs" you. Apparently you have something going for you that attract you to him. Now don't get too excited. Most men approach women anyways, even if they are looking for a good time or a one-night stand.

But it is also a good thing for him to be interested enough in you that he wants to share some of your time with you. Sometimes a man will wait and watch a woman patiently when he is head over heels for her. He will study her every move and wonder about her personality. When he is finally ready, he will approach her.

Many women do not realize that their husbands were watching them closely before they got together. Don't get discouraged if the man of your dreams doesn't walk up to you because you can't make someone fall in love with you or even be attracted to you.

When the right man is around the corner he will make his move. I have to admit; I actually approached my husband first.

Sometimes, being confident in yourself and not being afraid of rejection allows a man to see your true beauty whether he is attracted to you or not.

So I wouldn't completely say to rule out the approaching him first, however, if he does approach you, you got something special that he finds irresistible about you.

He calls you first. Remember back in high school when you would get the cute guy's number and call him obsessively? Well don't do that.

More than likely you got on the guys nerves and he eventually called the relationship quits. You want to make sure that he is really into you, so let him call you first. If you seem too desperate, then he can sense it. But if you play it cool and wait for him to dial your number then you know that he is still thinking about you and wanting to know more about you, hopefully.

Don't be fooled by jerks, and yes they are out there. They are the ones who say all the right things at all the right times, but all they want is to get into your pants. If during the first conversation, he starts asking what you are wearing, then know that he probably isn't planning on getting married to you.

But if he wants to know more about you and he is able to share some of his goals with you, then don't be afraid to take the relationship a step further.He wants you to be comfortable when you are with him.

The first date or meeting with a new guy can be awkward if he is too touchy feely, too shy, or too weird. If you do not feel comfortable around him what makes him think that you are willing to stick around.

If a man is really into you and he is thinking about finding a wife, then he will want to make you as comfortable as possible in his presence. This may mean pulling out a chair for you, paying for dinner, having a nice subtle conversation, and keeping his hands to himself. If a man is touchy feely, then expect that he probably wants a sexual relationship and not a commitment. He doesn't rush you into sex.

Personally, I think that sex before marriage is wrong, however, I know that people feel differently about the subject than I do. But if he respects you he will not try to force you into getting in bed with him shortly after meeting him. You can tell if a man really wants to marry you if you tell him no sex before marriage, and he agrees and he stays. Some men can't help themselves and if there is no sex, then the relationship is doomed.

However, there are plenty of men who are really looking for a life partner, and if it means waiting to share that intimate moment with you after you tie the knot, then they will be more than happy to wait.

If he wants to marry you he will never want to try to take you out of your element and do things against your will. He wants to satisfy you and take care of you. He wants you to feel comfortable around him so that when he pops the question, you will say yes. It can be extremely uncomfortable for a man to constantly be pressuring you into doing something you don't want to do.

He doesn't rush to play house with you. Many couples make the mistake of playing house with one another. The man asks for his girlfriend to move in and they pretend as if they are married. She cooks, cleans, and she accepts the fact that he hasn't placed a ring on her finger. These types of relationships usually end up in destruction.

When a woman is willing to play house with a man she allows him to have the luxury of married life wit out the commitment and the luxury to still have a single life with in house lovin'. Some women want to feel loved so badly that they are willing to play house with a man. After many many years the man still will not pop the question and the woman still waits for the day when he is going to.

He should desire your presence. He may want you around all the time, but without the marriage commitment he understands that the relationship may fail. He is willing to wait to carry you over the threshold instead of letting you sleep in the bachelor pad.

He is always loyal and honest. He always tells you the truth. He never looks at other women. He adores you. These are ways to tell if he really loves you. If a man is constantly making up excuses as to why he didn't call you, or you suspect that he lies, then know that he is not marriage material.

If he is lying before marriage, what makes you think that he won't lie after marriage? The man that is serious about loving you will never want to disappoint you, and when he does he will be sincere and honest about the situation. He is afraid of losing you, and one lie or sign of dishonesty could make him lose it all.He proves that he can provide for you. He works, he has a home, and he shares with you. A man who is selfish will not make a good husband. A man who is greedy and always taking from you will not make a good husband.

The man that wants to marry you lets you know that he will provide for you and he proves that he can. If a man is playing video games all-day and he is steady asking you for money, then he probably will not be a good provider. But it he works a good job, he takes care of his responsibility and he is able to provide you with things you need, know that he has husband potential. He will love making sure you have a little money in your pocket (not talking about a sugar daddy), he will love to buy you new clothes when you need them, and he won't mind paying a bill or two for you.

This is because he truly loves you and he wants you to know that he can and he will take care of you when you become his wife.He talks about marriage with you. Men who are afraid of marriage will try to avoid it like a bad case of the flu. They will run away from the subject whenever you or someone else brings it up.

The man that wants to marry you may mention it first. He will let you know how many kids he plans on having and how his life isn't complete without a partner. He may say it often or get excited if you bring it up. He doesn't run from the idea of marriage because he has the same feelings as you about it.

He respects your parents. Getting past the parents can be a hard deed, however, it is not impossible. Even if your dad shows obvious signs that he doesn't like him, your man will still show respect to him.

He wants to prove to your parents that he is willing to take the next step with you and he doesn't want to disappoint you, so he tries to love your parents to keep you happy.He protects you. He never disrespects you, hits you, or curse at you.

He never lets anyone do those things to you either. He always has your back no matter what. I hope that God willing this article will give you a little insight on if a man is ready to make you his wife or not.

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