Thursday, October 30, 2008

"Uniqueness In Her"

It is widely known that a group of women who live together in close quarters will, over time, witness the syncing of their menstrual periods with each other. It is also thought that artificial light may play a role in this as well. While some have speculated that their natural scents may be a source of this syncing, the truth of this natural, and beautifully intriguing feminine wonder is only a step into the spiritual nature of women...a step which is as beautiful as the physical, emotional, and mental aspects of their being, and yet unique as to be something only a journey in knowing them can provide...

But what is it about women that quickens the pulse, captures the hearts and minds, slows the breathing, and invokes longings and emotions? I have struggled with trying to answer these questions, and this writing represents my own attempt to do just that. Whether it's the charm of a little girl's loving, innocent smile, or the seductive sparkle deep within a woman's eyes, the tugging they create inside of us is undeniable.

No woman can be placed in a box--each is unique; yet these are things that I believe are common to many. They are thoughts intended to express what I have seen, and continue to see, in the beauty of the feminine.

How often have you heard the word "emotional" used to describe a woman in a positive way? Yet while we all have emotions, women are gifted in the ways they feel, connect with, and express them.

"A woman's intuition" has been used to describe the natural ability to see what men often can cut through false pretenses, motives, and may feel other's hidden emotions and pain. There is no scientific evidence to use as proof, but reading and deciphering even the most subtle body language is perhaps where the power from which this intuition stems. While not every woman may lay claim to this, it is nevertheless common among women, and is perhaps sharpest in those whose feeling, sensing personalities are in tune with their femininity. Mothers are perhaps the best example of all these characteristics; sensitivity, concern, compassion, love, and perception.

Girls naturally show their emotions; whether it's excitement about something good that happened to them, or expressing fears or concerns, they are not inhibited from letting it out. Society does not place any pressure or false expectations on them when they do; no-one questions them for it. If they have been deeply hurt, they are free to cry, and shed their tears. Men long to be physical by nature because they find no comfort whatsoever in other men; women can hug each other and be physical in a friendly sense, and that is comforting to them. With men, bonding consists of activities such as watching a basketball game.

There is perhaps no more common ground to the world of the feminine than that of a new-born baby. New mothers will often be approached by other women--even complete strangers--but instantly a bond is formed with the appreciation and joy a baby brings. It is a pride; a joy that each instinctively knows and finds wonderful to share in.

Communication flows freely, whether it's a group of young girls, or a gathering of older ladies. There is more excitement, quick comprehension and sharing of thoughts and opinions, and often while other tasks are being done. There are various defining factors that seem to clear the air of uncertainty when this is considered, such as larger groups of girls together than men or boys, which seems to indicate an open atmosphere of acceptance and bonding.

While truth never changes, women's views and response to them is unique; and for good reason. Within situations and circumstances, there may be hidden motives and agendas...and what may not seem obvious or apparent is rarely hidden from a woman.

It's a long established fact that girls handle stress better; including repetitive/long-term tasks. Women complain less and continue working hard at tasks that most men would never want to deal with.

Why is it that girls and women seem to naturally know what looks good when it comes to clothing, what colors match and which don't? Is it instinctive, or is it something they learn as a result of having a strong interest from a young age? Whatever the answer, those in marketing understand the ties a woman has with her appearance, and clothing is no exception.

Pride doesn't get in their way...the male ego can be a hindrance when it comes to getting things done; the jokes about not asking for directions when lost, or not reading the instructions didn't materialize out of thin air.

There is an overwhelming unity and blending of curves that contrasts with the ordinary, boxy shape of a man's body. You will rarely find art showing the "beauty" of the male body like it does with the female. The compact nature, curves, and smoothness of the female body simply makes the male body look quite poor in comparison--and rightly so. The truth is that you'll find the vast majority of men and women being physically attracted to women. I say "physically attracted" because most women are attracted to men, but usually in ways other than the physical. Advertisers know this, and women are used to not only attract men, but also women. So the issue of beauty is obvious. This is true regardless of hormonal-based male attraction; their basic physical makeup is intricately honed to be intensely physical and beautiful in nature.

We know that physical beauty is only skin deep, but it is most often the first thing that garners our attention, and stirs our desire. Without it, there would be less reason to further our interest in searching the soul of the one we're attracted to. The physical differences of a woman are a powerful drawing point, but they are only one aspect to consider. Likewise, hormones also play a part in attracting us, but when they fade, there are elements that retain their uncanny lure.

Differences attract, and perhaps the most subtle and unrecognized is the feminine voice. What father can resist melting when he hears his daughter's voice; her innocent and needy cry that is heard when it reaches his ears? Or what man can deny the seductive nature of a woman who is expressing her desire, or the deep pull he feels as she genuinely pours her heart out to him?

Movement is perhaps the hardest to define and describe, but it is the combination of animated physical attributes and how they relate to each other in that movement that so rapidly and powerfully draws, captures and harnesses attention. From the sometimes humorous, yet movement of a woman's breasts as she runs, or the swaying of her hips and luring twists of her buttocks as she walks, women easily command the art of their animation.

While pregnancy is often thought of as a curse, and something to be dreaded, it remains a deep and powerful ability of a woman to bear and give birth to children. We all have mothers, and the maternal connection is as undeniably a part of us as people as the air we breathe. As men, I believe recognize but rarely admit to the fascination of conception, birth, and procreation of both sexes, as though their inability to be mothers themselves has silenced their though their pride was once again defeated. Women go through nine months with heaviness, sickness, dramatic changes in their hormones and emotions, cravings of foods and womanly desires...and yet these things seem shunned or put away despite the wonder that is taking place within her as a mother and recipient of a unique beauty.

The female body is full of enriching contrasts, such as the small waist and wide hips; the fullness of breasts and the sensual openness and modesty of her sensuality, comforting and relaxing, yet seductive and arousing. The old masters of art captured the curves and blends of the female body in another contrast that stands the test of time and mindset; rubenesque and sensual--making a dramatic statement that defies what today's culture attempts to claim as the only beauty. The truth is that a woman's curves are elegantly crafted with an intricate design...there is nothing random about their placement, or combination.

Any view of a woman from front, back, side, top down, toes up, and everything in between, interweaves and adds new wonder and variety to each part of her body. Taking in every detail; the feminine form, from the top down...

And now as I am almost tempted to describe in detail each female body part, I decided otherwise…I want to leave something for your imagination

Cheers to all the women out there..Everyone of us is beautiful in her own way.

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