Wednesday, October 1, 2008


AVERAGE people have to wait and S-E-E before they can believe it.MILLIONAIRES are original and they like to be "first". So they dream it. Believeit. Create it. Sell it to you. Then they collect money while you're waiting!AVERAGE people become confused by things that seem too simple. They always thinksomething is missing -- there's a catch -- or it's a scam.MILLIONAIRES take simple ideas, put them in a franchise format and sell them to "average"people by the billions and then collect a fortune --- [look at McDonalds].AVERAGE people work a job to pay their bills.MILLIONAIRES create empires to give "average" people a place to work.If you ever had someone step on your dream, read this...They told me I was dreaming.They said it'll never work.You know...That "home-based stuff".They said "My friend lost money on ONE OF THOSE THINGS".They said "You need to just get a job!"They said "I'll join when I S-E-E you make a million dollars".They laughed at me.They said "Ha ha...he's on welfare now...did you know that?"They said..."He's sleeping on his mother-in-law's living room floor!""How can he be successful?"They said..."He's crazy!""He needs to just give it up and get a regular paying jobthat can put food on the table".They talked behind my back.They called me a "dead beat".They made mockery of me.They thought they were BETTER than me.They couldn't S-E-E my vision.They couldn't understand what was driving me.And they never tried to.So they got angry.Because they couldn't break me.Break my spirit.My passion to great.To be remarkable.They couldn't get me to give in.Their ridicule only fueled me more.They sarcastically taunted me and called me "The Million Dollar Man".They said "He's always dreaming up some million dollar idea that won't work".They got together in groups and talked about my failures.It made them feel good to have their safe, secure paying jobs.Truth is...THEY WERE SCARED!Scared that I might actually succeed!That I might show them that there's more to life than the lottery and a J-O-B (Just Over Broke).Scared that I might show them that DREAMS really do come true and that it's safe to DREAM.Scared that they might have to eat their words.Scared because I JUST WOULDN'T GO AWAY --- I WOULDN'T LAY DOWN --- I WOULDN'T GIVE UP!Scared that their own lives in comparison wouldn't look so great, now.Scared that They would no longer have the upper-hand.Scared that They wouldn't have anybody to talk about anymore.Scared that They would have to take a REAL LOOK at their own lives and see that They were reallyjust "playing it safe".That They didn't have the GUTS I had to go after what They really wanted.MY POINT:Without entrepreneurs like me, to dream...The world wouldn't have tiny cell phones, --- MOTOROLAThe world wouldn't have "Windows XP", --- MICROSOFTThe world wouldn't be able to fly above the weather, --- HOWARD HUGHESSports nuts couldn't watch the game on huge, wide screen flat TV's withoutSONY97% of the world couldn't even drive or ride the bus to work withoutHENRY FORDThe world needs dreamers!Don't be scared to dream.Tell those uninspired dream stealers to get lost!"They" were my so-called friends and family.In their mind, They do this thinking that they are protecting you.Protecting you from getting your hopes up and failing."Don't aim too'll lose!"Be patient with them.They don't know any better.TEACH THEM!STOP whatever you're doing and go check this out right now... (Sign up and get free gift and make money) (Meet your match be it singles or business people) (Lots of Nice Offer and Discounts for your shopping) (Learn and Earn) (Make Friends, Make Money)

Thank you and God Bless

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