Thursday, October 2, 2008

How to Balance Work and a Relationship?

A lot of romantic relationships failed because one or both parties had been too caught up with work and career. Good partnerships did not have a chance to blossom further because jobs got in the way, which is just unfortunate because had time been better managed, no breakup would have happened.

Here's how you can maintain a romantic relationship without jeopardizing your work.

1. Learn how to prioritize.

Learn to prioritize certain aspects in your life. Having your priorities set is not a bad thing, for it can show you what direction you want your life to go. But prioritizing one thing over the other, to the point that you are willing to sacrifice the other aspect of your life, is not a good idea. If you're at work, then prioritize your job, and get done whatever it is that you need to fulfill. If, however, your social needs are suffering because you spend too much time at work, then take some necessary time off and learn how to cultivate meaningful relationships with other people. Burning yourself up can be avoided by making sure that the other aspects of your life are also well taken cared of.

2. Keep separate your personal from your professional life.

If you are at work, focus on your responsibilities and duties in the workplace. Perform your tasks well, and always search for ways on how you can improve on it. If you are attending to your personal life, do not bring your work with you. If you are on a date, it is paramount that you give your date proper respect by always paying attention; and by acknowledging them and responding to what they are saying.

3. Communicate well with your partner.

Being able to communicate well with your partner is the key to sustaining a relationship. Always make sure that you let each other know of the things that are going on with your lives. Remember that you not only have your personal lives to contend with, but you also have your professional lives to deal with, which is just as demanding.

Talk to each other and figure out how you both can make it easier to juggle both your relationship and your jobs. If you can find a way wherein you can adjust your schedules to be able to maximize both your time for work, as well as your personal time with each other, the better you both will be at handling your jobs and your relationship.

4. Build other relationships outside of your professional life.

Make friends outside of the workplace. If majority of your friends are also your co-workers, then it is time that you made some other new friends, or focus on doing something else, like a hobby. Having new friends outside of your work circle can help expand your horizons, and can lead to conversations where your work is not the primary subject. This will be a nice change of pace for you.

Overall, while you do need to focus on your career to gain advancement, it should not be at the expense of your own happiness and leisure. Everything is possible if you know how to balance your duties and responsibilities. Man is a social animal, as one famous philosopher said. You simply can drown yourself in work and let your relationships suffer, or vice versa.

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