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A Secret To Meeting And Attracting "The One"‏

Meeting And Attracting "The One"‏

If you want an in-depth look (from a MAN'S pointof view) at what keeps the flame of passion and attraction burning, you need to check out my program, Natural & Lasting Attraction. The tips you'll learn in this program are the bestway to create a connection that goes beyond the physical, and into an emotional bond that lasts forever.

You're about to learn secrets to meeting andattracting men that most women will never know. But first, let's get something out of the way.

Have you ever talked to your friends or familyabout what you should do in your love-life?

Ok, so you know about all that lame "commonsense" dating advice everyone has to offer. Here's something you might not know about it...

Most of that advice has nothing to do with howthings ACTUALLY work with men, dating andrelationships. That's right. Nothing. Especially when it comes to how men becomeattracted and interested in long termrelationships with women.

So if you've been listening to your family, your girlfriends, guy friends, etc., then odds areyou're not having a lot of success, right? But tons of women (and men) still follow thateveryday "common sense" advice and try things thatjust don't really help.

Here are a few examples of the advice you'll hear from the people around you:-

Act a little "bitchy" because men secretly likeit- Go hang out where "good men" are likely to beand you'll meet a great guy-

Be active, have fun and keep a busy andinteresting life of your own-

Don't act clingy or needy- Don't expect to meet any good men in bars,clubs, party places, etc.- Meet men while doing things you like to do soyou have similar interests-

Let him initiate... wait for him to call you orask you out- Play a little bit "hard to get" Sound familiar? Well, if you're like lots of women I know, thenone of the following probably describes yourexperience with this advice:

1. The ideas just didn't "click" with you when youwent to put them to use in your REAL LIFE... soyou never even got around to doing anything at all

2. You put the advice to use and had some"success", but when push came to shove, the sameobstacles came up in your love-life and you wereback to where you started

3. You put it to use and it got you NOWHERE So what does this mean? First things first - all of these basicallylead to the same outcome in the real world. You end up QUITTING them because they don'treally do anything radical to improve your love-life. And guess what? There's a "statistical certainty" that appliesto quitting... It gets you NOWHERE.

So what should you do instead? I'm glad you asked. You need to find the right information andtools in your life that will WORK and createresults. The truth is, you only get one shot at livingyour love-life, so now's the time to get it right. So let's get right to what works...TWO TYPES OF ATTRACTION, TWO WAYS TO ATTRACT AMAN...

After years of study, reading, observation andthinking about what "ATTRACTION" is and how itworks, I've found something that most people whostudy the subject have seemed to miss...

There's more than one type of attraction. I know... it seems simple and straightforward,right? I'm sure you've experienced different types ofattraction in your life.

But the truth is that no one in the "scientificworld" of psychology, biology, sociology, etc., has bothered to - or been able to - look at these things and separate them out into their parts. Let alone actually describe how to go aboutcreating these kinds of attraction and whatthey're made up of.

Well... I figured out something FASCINATING a few yearsago while I was thinking about attraction.

There are two types of attraction a man canfeel for a woman: I call these "Physical Attraction" and"Intellectual Attraction." Here's a secret about these two types ofattraction: ANY WOMAN can learn about these and go aboutcreating one or both kinds of attraction with aman if she wants to.


Let's talk about the more "common" type ofattraction first - and how it's created. It's the easiest and the most understood. We all know what Physical Attraction is andwhat it feels like.

And as a woman, I'm sure you've experienced andrecognized how Physical Attraction can betriggered in a man. Here's a quick list of things that most womenuse to trigger Physical Attraction in a man:-

"Speaking" with your body language in a waythat gets him looking at you physically - smiles,flipping your hair, laughing, etc.-

Wearing certain cool or seductive fashions,styles and ornamentation that attract attention- Initiating and maintaining eye contact with men-

Wearing enticing perfumes or scents- Being really "nice" to a guy and complimenting him-

Creating subtle or "accidental" touches on theman's arm or leg- Talking and flirting- Teasing- Getting physically close to a man

These are pretty obvious for most women, andsometimes they can create Physical Attraction witha man. But here's where it gets interesting. If you want to get close to a man...

And if you want to create the kind ofattraction that has him pining away just to see you or hear your voice... And if you want him to crave a deeper level ofinvolvement, intimacy and commitment with you... Then Physical Attraction alone is NOT going toget you there. Never.

And here's where I see tons of women make ahuge mistake when it comes to understanding menand their "dating psychology." They believe that by creating an intense amountof Physical Attraction, a man will feelemotionally attached, involved, committed,intimate, etc. WRONG.

If you haven't seen or heard about the book"He's Just Not That Into You", this end resultis what the author is talking about. But in my opinion, he doesn't explain the howand why... and more importantly, what to do aboutit if you don't just want to accept that a manisn't "into you." That's where I come in.

The answer is - he's just not that "attracted"to you. But there IS something you can do about it thatI've discovered after years of studying situationslike this. Here's the catch. A man CAN experience "connection", involvementand a stronger level of attachment when he's"physical" with a woman (Physical Attraction)...

But, unfortunately, the situation where a manis feeling Physical Attraction and becomes deeplyconnected and emotionally committed to a woman isRARE. In other words, with most men, even if they'refeeling an intense amount of Physical Attraction,it doesn't mean they want anything but to continuethe physical connection. I know it would be easier if it were different. But it's not, so get over it.

And now that you know, here's what to do aboutit. First, don't make the painfully common mistakeof assuming that if a man is physically attractedto you, that he also feels the desire to have morethan just a physical relationship in the long term. Next, start learning about what to do and whatactually works to change the situation...

A good place to start is with my program,NATURAL AND LASTING ATTRACTION. This is the bestway to learn how to build an emotional attractionthat makes a man feel literally addicted to you,so that he wants to be with you - and only you -forever.

This amazing program takes an in-depth look atthe REAL REASONS WHY a man either "feels it" foryou and KNOWS that you are the one and only womanfor him (and thus pushes your relationshipforward) or is UNCERTAIN about his feelings foryou and seems almost INDIFFERENT about wherethings are going between you both. Go here to watch some free video clips and learn more: And now back to creating a deep level ofattraction right now...HOW TO THINK ABOUT

"INTELLECTUAL ATTRACTION" Instead of giving you the "techniques" and"tactics" for creating Intellectual Attraction,there's something a thousand times more importantthat I want to talk with you about first. It's about creating the right MINDSET so that you can start to create Intellectual Attraction naturally on your own and avoid all kinds ofresistance with men, dating and relationships.

Like the old "emotionally unavailable" guytrap. Then you can go through all the steps and ideasI've got to create and AMPLIFY IntellectualAttraction. Sound good? Good. Let me ask you something to help you get intothe Intellectual Attraction "Mindset"...

Have you ever been in a situation with a manwhere you had been dating and physical together,but quickly you started to notice that he didn'tdo much to initiate conversations or connect withyou anymore?

He was withdrawing physically and emotionallyand you could feel it and sense it, even ifnothing had really been said. And so you brought it up with him... and instead of him listening, opening up and seeinghow he was acting and how it affected you both, heactually got IRRITATED with you.

Which freaked you out even more. And at some point in the arguing, frustration,irritation, etc. did you wish deep-down that hewould just ACCEPT you and be OPEN to how greatthings really were when you were together? ARE YOU OUT OF YOUR MIND!!?

Think about it... Do you think a man should just accept or"tolerate" the person who is supposed to be thelove of his life!? Absolutely not. No, instead he shouldn't be able to keep hismind and his hands off of you. I'll bet that you'd rather feel this way withthe person you spend your life and time with too,right?

What if you were with someone and instead of finding a way to make you FEEL love, lust and adeeper sense of ATTRACTION to them, they wanted toCONVINCE you to feel these things...

And when you didn't feel how they wanted you tofeel, they got upset with you and it hurt andfrustrated them to the point of being upset withyou? How do you think you'd react?

Would it MAKE you feel how they wanted you tofeel? It probably wouldn't feel very comfortable withthem. And it definitely wouldn't make you feel moreATTRACTED to them.

Get where I'm going with this? If you want to make a man feel that deepburning desire to be with you both physically andemotionally, then "convincing" him or trying touse Physical Attraction to get close to him won'twork in the long run.

HOW TO TAKE YOUR CONNECTION AND RELATIONSHIP TOTHE NEXT LEVEL So here's where I give you the simplest pieceof information you'll ever be able to put to usein your life that will have DRAMATIC POSITIVEEFFECTS.

Remember when we were talking about the "commonsense" advice that lots of women follow? Well, even if you're having a terrible time andgetting advice that doesn't work, DON'T QUIT.

Not even if the ideas or advice you're workingwith aren't helping you. Huh? Why in the world would I recommend using advicethat I know isn't likely to help you too much inthe long run? Here's the "elusive obvious" thing going on here -

You'll LEARN a thousand times more by notquitting and trying new things in your life...even if they don't get you exactly where you'dlike to be or seem like they aren't working at thetime.

There's no substitute in the world for KNOWLEDGE and learning. But learning doesn't take place if you quit anddon't find the lessons inside what you'reexperiencing. The trouble is that NOBODY wants to go throughthe process and learn all the lessons.


I sure do. Unfortunately, that's not how things usuallywork in the world. But there is a shortcut here.

There are THREE CRITICAL STEPS that will helpget you to a better place in your love-life...FAST

1. Find the right information
2. Start learning
3. Stick with it and stay AWARE Luckily, you're in the right place.

My eBook "Catch Him And Keep Him" is maybethe world's best collection of ideas, concepts andstrategies for creating both Physical andIntellectual Attraction with a man.

Best of all, it's all boiled down from "psycho-babble" into simple real-world steps that willhave you seeing changes and improvement in yourlove-life in no time. It has tons of dating and attraction"shortcuts" that I've put together after years oftalking to and working with women in the real world.

Here's a few samples of what you'll find in theebook involving Intellectual Attraction:- "The Relationship Balance": There are 2 rolesa man and woman can play in relationships. Onecan create an intense level of IntellectualAttraction with a man, and the other can kill both Physical and Intellectual Attraction. Iexplain these roles, how they are established,and how to take advantage of them to build an amazing relationship that a man will be obsessingover.-

"The Power of Contagious Emotions": A woman'sstrong and potent emotional sense can be herbiggest strength or her greatest weakness. Iexplain how to use this strength to "effortlessly"keep a man connected and close... and avoid allthe deadly mistakes tons of women make that worklike "man-repellent."-

"The Honest Woman Response": As soon as a manmeets a woman, there's a "love category" that heputs her into in his mind. There's a specific wayof communicating when you first meet a man, andinto the relationship, that will make sure he seesyou as "girlfriend material" and gives you all therespect and loyalty that goes along with being awoman in this category in his life.-

"The Secret Communication Button": One of thebiggest mistakes that I see women make with men isacting or communicating in a way that makes a manwithdraw during the "transition" from casualdating to a committed relationship.

This is the most dangerous and critical time where most relationships fail. I've put together a specificstep-by-step way to communicate with a man to makesure your move together from casual to committed is easy, and instead of scaring him away, createsmore love and intimacy that will last.

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