Sunday, October 12, 2008

Understanding Duality

An Attempt To Understand Conjunction Of Duality

Conjunction of duality can be one of the ways to realize the ultimate consciousness, an experience of the totality devoid of limitation. This is done by removing the attachment of the intelligence to either definition (Duality or opposites) of our experience in everything we perceive through the gross senses. This is done by guiding prana the vital breath.

Vital breath or prana is absorbed by breathing and the food we eat mainly, It is also absorbed through all the other senses.

Duality or one part of any experience is experienced due to establishing a flow of this vital energy in either side of the brain, by establishing the flow of breath in either nostril which is directly connected to ida or pingla the two main streams of vital energy flow to the brain and entire body.

The potential developed due to its accumulation establishes the attachment of the consciousness to develop the image and its attributes; this establishes the mind field accordingly. The vital flow of energy in the third and central channel is possible only if flow is moving in both Ida and pingla nadies giving a feeling of equilibrium and a sense of pleasantness.

Gradually during dawning of meditative state it will be noticed that breathing is taking place in both nostrils are established, the change of consciousness will become so rapid (due to equality in the potential in both sides of the brain giving rise to expanded mind field and totality) that it experiences both the aspects of duality of the focused object / subject, clarity becomes established and topics can be understood with the understanding more vividly, expansion of our limited understanding takes place, the truth of ignorance pertaining to the topic is revealed as both aspects become clear, the unreal ness of things that we were attached due to ignorance of the other part becomes clear, the presence of both sides of the realness of the topic is accepted and predominance given to only one aspect is diluted.

Intelligence loses its attraction due to equality in the potential in both sides of the brain giving rise to expanded mind field and totality. Thoughts define both sides and aspects negating the dominance of either side of the topic. Thus gradually seizes to rise as the opposites cancel each other.

This would simply mean consciously not allowing the perceived to be defined by thoughts which uses the language, words, and their meaning limited to our understanding that was stored in the memory due to past experiences and teachings by the individual, teachers, parents and everyone as well as everything with whom we had any interaction.

This is required because, during the duration the consciousness is focused on the present experience, it will be trapped within that limitation and realization of the omnipotent within this limitation is not the ultimate experience we want of the omnipotent. (Kindly note that everything in this universe is the part of omnipotent)

This definitely does not mean that consciousness experiences total blankness, on the contrary even though vision, sound, smell, feeling of touch and taste even though present in the internal as well as external environment ARE NOT FOCUSED BY THE INTELLIGENCE. This frees it and enables experience with out attachment to anything, thus experiencing the totality.

In the initial stages the observer and the observed are separate but as urge to experience the ultimate fades or develops and becomes stronger the final boundary or envelop or sheath which is the ego dissolves and we experience unity or yoga with the observed, now there is no duality or separation even in the ultimate subtle level of consciousness. This is due to the fact that consciousness reflects itself in everything, or in other words consciousness has the ability to transcend or convert itself to that which it focuses itself with.

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