Sunday, October 26, 2008

How To Know If He's The One For You

The Right One

Marriage and commitment is about love, but it's also about compatibility. Two people can be deeply in love with one another, but their marriage will still fail miserably. The sad truth is that sometimes love is not enough. There comes a time when you ask yourself the ultimate question: Is he the one?

Why it's important to ask yourself this question?

The dismal statistics state that over 33% of marriages end up in divorce and there is a 50% infidelity rate among couples. Why is this happening? All these couples used to be in love, otherwise they wouldn't have gotten married. That's why you have to ask yourself this question. If you don't want to get married only to wake up years later and realize that you married the wrong man, you have to know that he's the right one for you. Otherwise, you may have a few years of love and happiness, but you're likely to see those years end in a bitter and expensive divorce.

Why are so many couples drifting apart?

The main thing that couples fail to do is ask each other the right questions before rushing into a commitment. I'm not talking about superficial questions such as how many brothers and sisters your man has or where was he born, but deep and penetrating questions. Most women wait until they are married to find out what their man thinks about the important issue in life such as:

* Religion
* The way to bring up children
* Whether or not he even wants children
* Does he believe in marriage
* How he handles money
* What are his long term goals

And many more important issues. It is the difference of opinion in these issues which causes couples to break up.

You wondering how to know if he is the one for you? Ask the right questions on the important issues and you'll find out.

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