Saturday, October 25, 2008

My Life

why is this happening to me?

I know how it feels when you find everything around you collapsing. Your friends, your loved ones, your money, your self confidence and even your dreams. If someone told you that personal development can prevent you from facing life shocks and downturns then he is lying to you. In this life we are living, we all have to go through up times and down times, we all have to pass through difficult times and good times.

While no one can control the future or the unexpected life events still we can all control our response to these undesired events. After all its our response to such events that differentiates between someone who is feeling good and someone who is feeling bad and not the amount of problems they are facing.

What to do when you can't take it anymore?

The first thing you must do is recall your life purpose or even find one if you don't have. After all we do all have life purposes but some of us may have not discovered it yet. Try to recall the reasons you are living for and the goals you are after, recalling those reasons will help you tolerate the bad situation you are in because you will start to perceive the suffering as a price for your bigger goals and life purpose.


Patience is not doing nothing but its the act of not allowing your emotions to intensify until things start to improve. During the time you are being patient you should be doing your best to fix what you can fix of your problems, don't sleep or do nothing then say that you are patient.

Our emotions intensify as result of not controlling it the moment we started feeling bad. If you managed not to let your emotions intensify in the first few moments you faced a problem then you will have more control on them and your problems wont make you feel that bad.

Time is running

Time is running whether we liked this fact or not or whether we were feeling good as it passes or not. If time is going to pass anyways then why let it pass while feeling down or broken? if we are going to live anyways then let us live a better life by refusing to give in to bad moods and unwanted emotions.

While in the middle of the dark it becomes very hard to see hope but it may be somewhere near us. Grab a candle and search for hope here or there by being a positive thinker, by knowing that most of your bad emotions are due to fear of the future and not because of current events and by asking God for help.

I am sure you have faced hundreds of problems before that seemed to have no solution yet something unexpected happened and the problem was solved. Positive thinking is not being unrealistic but its rather looking for the realistic opportunities that can help you deal with your problem rather than letting fears and unrealistic emotions cloud your vision.

If you can't take it anymore, then light a candle, and look for hope because it might be so near.

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