Sunday, October 26, 2008

Why Your Boyfriend Won't Marry You

Will He Marry You?

Your boyfriend wont marry you if you're not the kind of woman who burns such a deep image on his brain of being so unforgettable that he can't live without you.

Yes, that is how he wants to feel.

He wants to feel an intense desire for you, not just for sex. Sex alone will not make him commit and if you're trying to bring him to commitment through the physical, you've got it all wrong.

He'll only commit when his soul is on fire. This is when he feels beyond a shadow of doubt that you've so captivated him and has become more than his idea of a dream woman.

He'll only marry you if he has grown enough love in his heart for you that he decides that he could never go back. This feeling will make him give up his single status because he'll want to feel this way all of the time with you.

He wont marry you if he doesn't feel a deep soulful connection to you, one that he's never felt before and can't forget. If you can't stir him up so that he's hot on fire in his entire body and soul, he wont commit for the long haul.

So you have to look at whether you are leading your boyfriend into a commitment or away from it. If you are not the kind of woman who already possess the image of his dream girl in your heart that you can translate to his heart, you won't get a commitment and no amount of begging, pleading, sex, or mama treatment will change his mind.

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