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Belief systems, is a collection of beliefs prevalent in a society, and a blueprint of what we belief in life to be true.

Belief systems is an intricate part of our lives, and the norm at which we measure everything. We believe in what we have been taught at a very young age, and never question anything. We accept that live is a certain way and with that we paint our lives in black and white – good and bad. We seldom look outside the box of fear that society would not accept.

Lets take a leap of faith and look what life is like outside the box. So many mistakes have been made by society, and the unfortunate part of it all is, that the world as we see it now, will never change, because of our belief systems.

We accept that the way things are, is unchangeable, and our lives will be better the day we are not here anymore – we wait for heaven. What if we missed it all, and heaven can be right here on earth, would you take the chance and change your belief system?

LET THE JOURNEY BEGIN ………………………………..

At a very young age we felt the need of acceptance from our parents. To get their attention as a baby, not being able to communicate, we would cry our lungs out for hours on end. Being fed, cleaned and fussed over, was a sign of attention, and the behavior acceptable.

As a toddler our methods changed a little bit, screaming was still our number one course of action but we learned a new trick, tantrums! Now society turns against us and we get labeled as a naughty child. The label that has been put on you as a child, is one that you will carry from teenager up to grown up. And that is where the fight for your own identity starts.

For far too long, we have sat aside and accepted everything that comes our way, and the time never seems to be right to change. We accept what other people think of us, and sometimes spend our whole life trying to prove them wrong. Why waste your life trying to get acceptance from everybody around you, and the one person you should look for acceptance from, gets discarded – YOURSELF!

The first thing to realize is, nothing is personal.

What others say and do to you, has nothing to do with you, it is their own personal projection of their lives. Make yourself immune to others opinions and actions and the long walk of self destruction will end. Whatever people say to you, will not effect you, and it hurts them more than it does you.

Make yourself the most important person in your life, do what makes you happy first and the new sense of who you are will flow over to the people nearest and dearest to you. An unhappy you, makes for unhappy relationships.

Take a look at the relationship you are in now, its easy to find the fault for everything that goes wrong, in your partner. It gives you a sense of authority when you can be cruel or dominate your partner. But when the back end comes back at you, its hard to face!

Place yourself first in your relationship, do what makes you happy, not disregarding the feelings of others in the process. If you are happy and blossoming, that feeling will be felt in your relationship too.

If you don’t find love and respect in your relationship, it is a blessing when they decide to end it. The pain you feel will subside, and it gives you a chance to choose what it is you really want. To be caught in a live of hell is to have no life at all.

For some people its so easy to lie, it comes as second nature. The one person its easy to lie to, is ourselves. Sit down for a moment, and write down all the things you either like or dislike about yourself, and decide if the negative is effecting who you really want to be. Be honest with yourself, nobody can catch you in this lie, except for yourself!

Honesty to yourself, takes us to a new level of self respect and self love. How can you expect others to respect you, if you aren’t willing to even respect yourself?

Be impeccable with your word, not only to others, but to yourself. Integrity is one word, that most people use, and not quite understand the meaning of.

When an agreement has been reached between to parties, your integrity is the most important thing. Your integrity is who you are, and cannot change whenever it suits you. To gossip or to take revenge is not what integrity is all about. Be honest with yourself and to others and use the power of the word only for love and truth.

Teach your children integrity, what they say and do must be to their highest truth, regardless of the outcome. Be straight forward in your dealings in life and people will respect you more, than someone that beats around the bush.

One of the most difficult things to do, is not to judge. We try hard every day not to judge, and still we catch ourselves, doing just that. We love judging ourselves, whether we are too poor, too fat, not good looking enough, that’s judging!

The first step to stop judging ourselves, is to stop looking at the negative and start focusing on the positive. Be grateful for what you have and stop thinking about the things you don’t have, change the things in life that hinder you to move on and be happy.

Stop making assumptions about everything in life. Assumptions is the breeding ground of being judgemental. Rather than just assuming, get the courage together and ask a question. Ask the questions in a clear and understandable way, that there can be no misunderstandings later.

All of us have heard about the Law of Attraction, but how many of us have really sat down and thought about the effect it has on our lives. Not many!

Our thoughts are the most powerful tool we possess, and still we belief in coincidences. Our thoughts and words are like a magnet either attracting negative or positive things in our lives. Thinking about negative things and speaking negative words like no and don’t tells the universe that, that is precisely what we want.

Change your thought process to positive, I am a success in what I do, and believe it with all your heart. So many times I tried to change my thoughts to positive, and nothing seemed to come of it, but I forgot about the big secret – PUT THE PASSION BEHIND YOUR THOUGHTS!

Imagine yourself as a child, your birthday is around the corner, and you believe that the one big thing you wanted for your birthday is going to be yours. Can you feel the joy of playing with that new toy or puppy?

Can you close your eyes and describe in detail what it looks like? Do you feel the emotion of joy and happiness? If you can, then you understand the passion in positive thinking and believing.

To live life is not that hard to do, take a step back, digest what you read, and it will all become clear to you. THE MAGIC IS YOU !

Realize that your thoughts are like a magnet.

Stop judging yourself and others.

Integrity relates to honesty, frankness and openness, not only in words but also in actions.

Your word is your truth.

Believe in yourself and be true to yourself.

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