Saturday, October 11, 2008

TrueLove Inspires

True meaning of love...

Love does not want superiority,respects the difference in equality,It is not cruel, arrogant, or mean,True Love is kind, caring, considerate and clean.

True Love is not found with lust or power trips,it can't be found in butts or hips.

We know that 'Looks' are not important,and know that a good heart matters most.

When love is sought in silly superficialities,the only thing that's found is emptiness,
But when truelove is found,you know in it you'll always want to be entwined.

With wisdom we learn truths,

True Love is sympathetic and it lets you be free,anyone who knows true love... will agree.True Love lives in caring and sharing,that I can guarantee and swear.

True Love is giving but not excessive,Truelove listens well and is expressive.Truelove is just and wise,it doesn't allow unfair abuse,that comes from crazy girls or guys,True Love really can live alone and still feel love,It usually chooses to share itself with others,it fills you with comfort,it always lives... its always love.

Some say that Love is what a soul is made of,some say its a peace of God,Some just say its truly wonderful,others say love is beautiful in everyway,When you live in love,with love you always want to stay,

It can be dependent or independent,it still has choice and free will,
but it is just and there are some rules,just like there is a wrong and right,but with true love there's no need to fightyou only fight for what is right.

When you are in live in love ,you want to share it with everyone everywhere,Its Nice to know Truelove is eternal,it lives within every soul,its up to you to see it and is true comfort... Truelove is harmony.

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