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How to Attract the Man of Your Dreams and Fulfill your Wildest Desires!

We believe that the key to successful relationships is understanding who and what we are and coming to terms with our strengths and weaknesses. It means accepting ourselves wholeheartedly, knowing that imperfections and struggles are instrumental toward growth and self-development.

We also want to know as much as we can about our friends, partners, and often family - not in a judgmental way, but as a means to accept and love them for what they are.

And last but not least, we want to acquire the wisdom to find the choice few who are the best matches for whatever type of relationship we have in mind.

Ok, so let me get this straight; you want to attract a man that is loving, caring, understanding, thoughtful, passionate, romantic, and who fulfills your wildest desires? And, you want to do it spontaneously?

You want your partner to possess all of these magnanimous qualities, but do you possess them??? Can you see where I’m going with this? To attract the man of your dreams you must become the very thing you want to attract, otherwise your efforts will result in a fruitless wild goose chase, or the unfortuitous catch called Mr. Wrong!

Attracting the man of your dreams requires an important journey of courage, truth, and self-discovery. On this path, you will need to rise above your self limiting beliefs by unveiling the way to your hidden, feminine power. You will need to gain a clear understanding of the fears and insecurities that have prevented you from taking this journey and the method to overcome them. To assist you in your quest, I will lead you through a brief outline of the 6-step process I’ve used to help dozens and dozens of clients spontaneously fulfill their wildest desires.

You know, throughout history men have fought wars for women, built extravagant palaces for them, and have even named cities after them. Now you may be tempted to say that these women have been fortunate enough to have been placed in a position of royalty or power, and that is the very reason these men have gone to such infinite lengths to please them. However, it's not! You see, all of these women possessed a power that caused their partner to go to such lengths, and that very same power is hidden in you!! It's called FEMININE GRACE!!

A Woman that exudes Feminine Grace is proud of herself. She respects herself and others. She is aware of who she is. She neither seeks definition from the person she is with, nor does she expect them to read her mind. She is quite capable of articulating her needs. A Woman that exudes Feminine Grace is hopeful.

She is strong enough to make all her dreams come true. She knows Self love, therefore she gives love. She recognizes that her love has great value, but offers her love unconditionally without expectation. A Woman that exudes Feminine Grace has a dash of inspiration and a touch of endurance. Her self confidence allows her to inspire others to reach the potential God gave them.
She knows her past and understands that it can't be changed. She lives in the present, and moves toward what the future holds. A Woman that exudes Feminine Grace knows God. She knows that with God the world is her stage and she is the writer. She does not live in fear of the future because of her past. Instead, she understands her life experiences are merely lessons, meant to bring her closer to self-knowledge and unconditional love. She embraces the future and is thankful for the present.

You may be pondering at this very moment the method for obtaining such a desirable quality that men fight wars and build temples for? Can it be learned? Does it come in a pill or a magic elixir? No, none of the above! You see, feminine grace is a hidden quality that all women possess, and every man desires! And, quite honestly, it's a matter of awakening this hidden treasure from within. You can not learn feminine grace, or be mindful of acting from the qualities that I have so eloquently described above. You must awaken your Feminine Power Through the practice of meditation!

But, before I explain the process of meditation I’m going to walk you through an outline of the 6 secret principles of attraction.

1. Uncover and Remove the Deep Seated Self Limiting Beliefs that are Preventing you From Awakening Your Feminine

You know, from the time we are very young we learn a system of beliefs from our family and these beliefs are engrained in our subconscious mind. Now, these beliefs can be very good and serve us well as adults or they can be dysfunctional and cause us grief and pain for years to come, by destroying our self esteem and self confidence.

2. Find Forgiveness

Forgiveness means that you give up or cease a resentment that you are harboring. Remember, to be loving, kind, caring and understanding you can not harbor ill feelings towards others.

3. Increase the flow of Energy in the Body

Within every living body, although on the subtle rather than the gross or physical level, there are said to be a series of energy fields or centers of consciousness, which in traditional Hindu teachings are called chakras ("wheels of life".) These energy centers hold the key to tapping into your true feminine power!

4. Meditation

There are various ways to practice meditation, but the end result is what's important not the method. But, before I outline the method I prefer lets talk about the steps of preparation;

1. Choosing a quiet place to meditate

Choose a place that is quiet and that you can make your own such as your bedroom or a study. Make sure it is a place that will be free of any and all distractions that will allow you to devote at least 20 to 30 minutes, once to two times daily. The best times are preferably, in the morning just after rising and in the evening prior to sleep. To set the mood of your space you may utilize candles, aromas or even meditation music. You may also create an altar so to speak, with the things that are important to you and or the things which you want to attract in your life.

2. Positioning of the body

When choosing a body position for meditating, the most essential element is keeping the back or spine straight. Try to be comfortable and physically relaxed, and try to avoid moving too much. Generally speaking most eastern philosophies teach meditation in a full lotus position.

However, unless you practice yoga on a regular basis or are extremely flexible, this can be a difficult position for most westerners to accomplish. Therefore, you may practice mediation in a half lotus position (seated on the floor with the legs lightly crossed), seated on a bench preferably without a back to rest, avoiding a bent back or lying down.

Remember, the main objective is to keep the back straight and to be comfortable and relaxed. If you choose the lying position, your feet should be apart and your hands at your sides away from your body slightly. Your palms should be facing upward and your index finger and thumb should be touching at their tips creating a conduit for the flow of universal life force or energy.

Your mouth should open slightly and your tongue should be gently up against the roof of your mouth approximately one half inch behind your teeth. Your eyes should be relaxed and open just ever so slightly. If this is somewhat distracting at first you may close them completely. Should you choose the full lotus, half lotus position or a seated position you may place your hands palms up on your knees. Otherwise, all of the previously outlined steps apply.

3. Breathing

Breathing should be slow, controlled and should involve the abdominal area. As we age we tend to shorten our breath and we only utilize a small portion of our lung capacity. However, do not exaggerate your breathing, it should be a relaxing process and not at all labored. Inhale through the nose drawing air into the abdomen, diaphragm and then the chest. Exhale through the nostrils while lowering the abdomen, diaphragm, and finally the chest. One important point; you should practice the deep breathing above for approximately 10 full breaths then slow the breathing in an effort to reach "breathless silence." The breathing is meant to oxygenate the body, increase the flow of energy, and aid in relaxation. However, it will not assist you in reaching a higher state of consciousness because you must obtain breathless silence to do so!

How to Meditate

After you have positioned your body begin focusing on your breathing. Do not attempt to force your breathing and above all try not to become frustrated if you lose your focus. Once you have taken 10 full breaths begin to slow the breathing down while working toward a state of breathless silence. Do not have any expectations about the outcome of this process. Expect nothing and just be!!!! Above all, do not become frustrated if you fail to shut off your mind initially.

You can not expect to shut down the mind in a matter of minutes when it has been working for a lifetime. With practice and persistence the mind will quiet. When you begin to successfully accomplish quieting the mind you will notice a feeling of lightness as well as tingling sensations in the body. You may even begin to see various colors of the Chakras (7 energy centers of the body) in the location of the 6th chakra (minds eye), which is located between the brows. This is a sign that you have peeled back the layers of ego and are beginning to reach your higher

consciousness. When you can hold the color violet of the Crown Chakra in your minds eye, this is proof that you have indeed made contact with your inner self!! Note: If you find it difficult to locate the minds eye try briefly staring at a lit candle for several moments prior to meditating. This will help you fixate the position of the minds eye when closing your physical eyes. However, do not try to force the appearance of the third eye; instead let the minds eye draw you to it!

Meditation Blocks

On occasion, some people experience difficulty with connecting to their true self. This occurs because of a block that is preventing them from taking a stark look at who they really are. What fears and insecurities are preventing you from wanting to know who you really are? You truly do "have nothing to fear but fear it self!" What you will find inside will be more wonderful than you can imagine, but to get there you must be willing to set your fear aside and take a leap of faith. If you are having trouble letting go try the following visualization in your meditation practice:

Imagine that you are standing on the bank of a crystal blue river with your back turned to the water. Know in your heart and your mind that you will be taken care of. Let go of your worries, all of your thoughts, all of your problems, surrender your will and fall backwards onto the river. Trust the river to take you wherever it chooses to, and know that the outcome will be wonderful. Just float on the water and be!

Finally, to be successful at meditation you must refrain from having any expectation about the fruit of your labor! The changes that will occur will be of a subtle nature, and will certainly not eclipse the parting of the Red Sea! The paradox of the situation is that if you expect nothing you will reap the benefits by leaps and bounds. So just let go and be! Your True Hidden Feminine Power is waiting!

5. Practicing Acts of Random Kindness

To practice acts of random kindness is to be of service to your fellow man, and make no mistake about it that is why we are all here. Begin with small acts of kindness such as opening a door for someone, letting someone go before you in the checkout line, or just taking the time to offer a kind word to an elderly person or a child. You get the picture!

6. Creating a Dream Board

What exactly is a dream board and why should you create one? Well, a dream board is a visual positive affirmation tool that can assist you in harnessing the power of intention.

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