Saturday, January 19, 2008


10 things you need to know about getting married

1) Propose to someone with a good sense of humor. She'll need it.
2) It doesn't matter how much you spend on an engagement ring, as long as it's way more than you can afford.
3) She will not promise to "obey" you. Don't ask.
4) Have at least one good argument about a detail of your wedding plans, just to show you care.
5) When you lose this argument, lose graciously.
6) Carry a handkerchief during the ceremony. Wedding gowns don't have pockets.
7) In your wedding toast, make sure to thank your wife, your parents and her parents.
8) Have at least one glass of water between every drink at your reception, and don't forget to eat something.
9) Don't forget to pack birth control for your wedding night.
10) Nothing will be perfect. Not your ceremony, not your reception, not your wife, not your children and certainly not you. Expect perfection and you guarantee disappointment. Embrace imperfection, and you open yourself to all manner of happy surprises.

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