Tuesday, January 29, 2008


"If you will help someone & you're the same person who will pull him down it is better not to help at all."

"Cheaters are the sisters of liars who celebrates their victory decieving the innocent,for them i pity bec. they are not aware that the real victims are those who commited the sin,for they will be haunted till their last breath."

"It's better to live alone than to live with bunch of hypocrites."

"Self-trust,knowing your true self-worth has a big difference between being arrogant.Arrogance, are those people who are to proud of themselves using their advantaged to pull other people down.Self-trust, inspires people to be better."

"You should believe in yourself even others don't ,even the world go against you,if you know you are right,stand up & have the courage to fight for what you believe."

"You might be a LOSER to the eyes of the majority but come to think of it,The true FOOLS are those people who just goes with the flow without using their heads."

"Gossiping is a manifestation of people who live their lives in misery,they are so desperate that they waste their time minding other lives."

"Practice helping others just for the sake of helping not expecting any in return."

"WE should start the changed within ourselves & our own homes."

If we will just really analyzed the situation that we experienced & the problems that we are encountering we will realized that the SOLUTION to our problems are has been there all the time rigth in front of us.The problem with us is our resistance to accept the fact that we could resolve all the problems that we are facing no matter how big or small it is,the important thing is the WILLINGNESS to change & eagerness to end the problem from the root not just putting a temporary remedy.If we looked at it we can say that it may seems impossible but if we think & believe in our strength & capabilities we can change our lives & make a difference.For us to help others we must start to help ourselves first,helping is not all about money or material things it is how we influence one another to become a better person/citizen to our nation.

First is the ACCEPTANCE of our mistakes,this is very important bec. if we cannot admit our mistakes,and if we are in denial to see the real picture of the problem,we cannot solve anything. Escaping is not the solution,bec. if we do this we will just putting a reliever but not solving anything still we can see ourselves trapped in the shadow of our problems that will keep on haunting us.So,the solution is to have courage to face the problems...I know that this is not as easy as it was said but running will not do anything good.I think it is all about mind setting on what we really want to achieve in life,in any area or aspects of life whether it could be family,financial,political & spiritual issues.

Second is to ANALYZE the root of the problem & what will be the corresponding action that should be taken.This process will not be easy bec. we need clarity in deciding,even sometimes it would not be the best choice to make bec. we need to sacrifice for some intances.Because most of the time people want to get away with a situation but really not willing to let go.There is no sense if the willingness will not be put to action.There are people who are always complaining about their problems & seeking for symphaty so their weakness & cowardness will be justified.

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