Friday, January 18, 2008

Every woman should learn to stand up for themselves depending no one

*Law Revolutionary Women*

In their just struggle for the liberation of our people, the EZLN joined women in the revolutionary struggle regardless of their race, creed, color or political affiliation, with the only requirement to endorse the demands of the people and exploited their commitment to comply and enforce the laws and regulations of the revolution. In addition, taking into account the situation of working women in Mexico, incorporates their just demands for equality and justice in the next REVOLUTIONARY ACT OF WOMEN:

First .- Women, regardless of their race, creed or political affiliation, are entitled to participate in the revolutionary struggle at the scene and degree that their willingness and ability determined.

Second .- Women have the right to work and receive a living wage.

Third .- Women have the right to decide how many children they can have and care.

Fourth .- Women have the right to participate in community affairs and take charge if they are elected freely and democratically.

Fifth .- The women and their children have a right to primary health care and nutrition.

Sixth .- Women have the right to education.

Seventh .- Women have the right to choose their partner no longer be compelled by force to marry.

Eigth .- No woman may be beaten or physically abused by either relatives or strangers. The crime of attempted rape will be punished severely.

Ninth .- Women can hold leadership positions in the organization and have military ranks in the revolutionary armed forces.

Tenth .- Women shall have all rights and obligations that brought the laws and regulations revolutionaries.

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