Monday, January 21, 2008

Happily Ever After: It Can Happen To You!

"LOVE can literally move mountains!Just believe,listen to what your hearts dictates you could never go wrong."Love can do MIRACLES

We saw an enchanting movie today. It reminded us again that people fall in love and stay in love for a lifetime. Fairy tales do come true, in life and in love. It can happen to you. You can live happily ever after.The movie we saw was entitled, Enchanted. It lived up to its title. It was enticing, engaging, bewitching, fascinating, charming and delightful—just like your heart feels when you are in love. The movie was a reflection of true love for many in love, and it reminds you that sometimes, suddenly and out of nowhere, you fall in love! And it also reminds you that sometimes you thought you loved someone else, only to discover that it was really another that captured your heart. Following what your heart tells you is the only path to true love.It is our sincere belief that people have an innate need to love and to be in love. Some of us spend time searching for love endlessly, and never find it. Others amongst us search for love, find it, and then discover that it was not true love. And still others search for love and find it – and it lasts a lifetime. These are the ones who fall in love “happily ever after.”There is another category of love – those who did not seek it, but suddenly, and out of nowhere, find themselves in love! They didn’t go looking for it but they found it nonetheless. But love has a way of finding people from time to time and when that happens – look out! Sparks fly, fireworks go off, the moon shines brighter, and the human heart pounds out a tune that says, I am in love! I am in love! I am in love! They don’t know what hit them. They are smitten by love. They have what we like to call, “Enchanted Love.”You will recall similar stories where the glass slipper fits the foot of the lovely maiden just before the stroke of midnight. Well, the movie Enchanted does not disappoint. In the end, the glass slipper fits a lovely lady and all is well with the world. All is well with love. Fairy tales do come true in life and love It can happen to you! And when it does it is enchanting!True love works this way as well. Sometimes, you become convinced that true love will never come your way. You search the world over, but alas, true love for you is elusive. It hides from you. It disguises itself as love, but it proves to be only an imitator or an imposter. And then suddenly and out of nowhere, you are in love! You have enchanted love. You have lasting love.We worry from time to time that people today do not believe that love with someone else can last a lifetime. But you know what, it can. And it does. People fall in love and the love they share lasts forever. People in love really do live happily ever after. Of that you can be sure. Frankly, we have grown weary of the so-called “experts” who believe that love and marriage are old fashioned. We are tired of the prognosticators who on a daily basis proclaim that love for a single person that lasts a lifetime is not possible anymore. In our research over the past 25+ years in the USA and around the world we have seen too much evidence to the contrary. The successfully married couples we interviewed 25 years ago say the same things as the successfully married couples we interview today.

True love crosses the generational barriers.

When you fall in love, truly fall in love; you feel it in your heart and in your soul.

The feelings are unmistakable.

They are undeniable.

Real love is not a secret.

Real love does not disguise itself.

Real love can last forever.

And contrary to the naysayers too prevalent in our society today, most people truly in love share that love for a lifetime. They do, indeed, live happily ever after.

Fairy tales do come true in life and love. It can happen to you.

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