Saturday, January 5, 2008

Evening wear for petite women

Tips on dressing to look younger

What happens with most women is that they get stuck with the style that worked for them in the past. For instance, women who looked good in their 20s get stuck in the style of the times that they were in their 20s, and that looks totally out of place today. So you need to say goodbye to any old style. You need to look stylish today in contemporary fashion for your age.
Your wardrobe needs a makeover every season. Remember that you do not have to buy what you will see in Vogue or Cosmopolitan but you need to buy clothes with the cut and style that is in fashion and you can do that by buying at less expensive stores like Banana Republic or Gap or Ann Taylor or any other store that you like or can afford. Those magazines are great places to research what is in and what will work for you; so read them often.
You must also note what celebrities your age are wearing. For instance, take a look at Madonna when she is not performing. She now looks very elegant but still trendy and stylish. There are many
celebrities that are in their forties and they all look fabulous.
Keep a watch on what "young" people are wearing and you just need to make sure that you can adapt it to your age and personal style.
You can wear almost anything as long as it fits you well and suits your body.
Be careful with colors. They change with seasons. Colors also need to match your skin color and your overall outfit. Sometimes, the right use of color can make you look youthful.
Avoid looking too trendy or trying to dress totally inappropriate for your age.
If you have gray hair or other signs of aging, make sure that you work on them.
Gray hair can be easily hidden through dyes and there are several anti-aging solutions now available for women in your age bracket.
Finally, always invest in that one item that is hot at any given point of time. Whether it is
an accessory or an item of clothing, just include it in your wardrobe and you will appear as if you are keeping up with the times.

Evening wear for petite women

In our research, we actually found that choosing evening wear was one of the easiest things for most women. The reason is simple: you can go braless and accessorize. Both these things work to great advantage.

Evening Wear Style Tips For Petite Women


Notice the choker. It shifts the focus from the chest area to the neck region. Also, look at the confidence. Men love women who are confident and know how to stand up straight and seductively

Cool and casual

Again, notice the neckwear. The smile and the way she holds herself clearly makes her look confident and approachable.


Look at the choice of the dress. It is short for a reason: shifts focus to the legs, an asset that she has. And by using a bold hat, again she has shifted attention to her head.

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