Thursday, January 3, 2008

Fate or Destiny?

"People often meet their destiny on the road they take to avoid it" - French Proverb

Many people talk of Fate and Destiny as if they are one and the same thing, but it may be interesting to examine the subtle difference between the two.
It is believed by many that before we are born we make definite choices as to what we wish to learn, and the aim we want to fulfill during the coming life. It is a Spiritual decision which is rarely remembered once we are born, but in hindsight we often see that events and circumstances have led us unknowingly onwards towards our chosen destination.
So our Destiny could be classified as our own personal Star.

It is the Spiritual Will of the person; a deep inner need; something that drives us to do what seems impossible. It nurtures us with hope in our darkest moments; enables us to dream of better things, and resides in a place where we are destined to find our fulfillment.
Destiny is what we are here on earth to achieve. It is the Sacred Inner Star that guides us; our aspirations; our need to "go" somewhere and make our mark on the world
If we all seriously went about fulfilling our Destiny there would be no need for Fate, for our Star is the Magical Gift of our moment in time which is personal to us alone, and belongs to every single person on this planet.
The problem we are faced with, of course, is what exactly is our Destiny, and how do we go about fulfilling it? And that is where Fate has a significant part to play, for most of us have little memory of what we have committed to do, and are so caught up in the material world that we lose sight of our own unique qualities and potential.
So Fate could be classified as our own personal Guardian.
It calls us to attention, and just knocks us back onto the path when we stray from our true purpose. It is a friendly nudge in the right direction.
Many people feel that Fate is unkind and whimsical in approach, but in fact it is both generous and extremely mindful of the needs of our soul. Sometimes it hurts, but sadly it is often only through hardship that we discover our inner strength and capabilities to achieve great things.
There are so many of us who are wandering around aimlessly through life, wondering where we are meant to go, and dangerously looking at other people's Stars and wishing they were ours.
We ask a multitude of questions about our Destiny, but rarely if ever hear or even listen for the answers, for they don't come as a sudden flash of lightening out of a cloud.
Answers can only be heard by getting to know ourselves really well; finding out what we really want and going after it with complete commitment; believing in ourselves and our capabilities, and learning to listen to own intuition - the secret inner Spiritual voice or ourselves - that is trying to show us the way to personal success in life and happiness in our hearts.
The responsibility for finding our Destiny is ours alone. It can never be given to us by anyone else for it doesn't belong to them, it only belongs to us.
Destiny is something we choose to go after.... Fate is something that happens to us, and seemingly takes away our choices, but in fact actually leads us back towards the choice of Destiny we already made before we were born.

Do you believe that our lives are pre-destined? Perhaps you subscribe to the idea that whatever will be will be, that fate rules all that happens to us. But what about free will? If the idea that no matter what our personal destinations are decided for us before we are born, read on. Perhaps it is your destiny to do so.

I do believe in destiny we are all born pre-destined by GOD but we have the choice to take the rigth path or go against the will.God given us the freedom to choose for our lives,the same thing that he had gave Adam & Eve the freedom to follow their hearts & that is the test that we had to take,the purpose as a human being here on the earth to seek the right path even there are obstacles along the way.This will test our faith in him as children of God.Most of us forgot the primary reason why are we here being blind with material things.They praise the works of man,ignoring the true meaning of life.Material things is not our lives we should conquer our greediness to have it all to the extent that lead people to kill,ruins ones life bec. of what?money!Material wealth!Try to think about it!Is it worth it?Can we be happy with money alone?How can someone sleeps with all the wealth they had if that wealth is acquired of cheating & greediness that kills,could you still sleep at night?is it worth it?To all who acquired their wealth by taking advantaged of other people,cheating,stealing,murdering,stealing ones rights & power grabbing!All i can say is shame on you all!How can you celebrate your victory in the miseries of other people.The world admires all the world's rich & famous society to them they are the GODS living on earth,i'm not stating all of them i know there are exemptions.The people acquired their wealth by playing dirty,the masses admired this people,don't be fooled!Why would you admire people with power & wealth,seeing them as perfect that all are a big JOKE.All are fools,that they don't know how to identify the true meaning of intelligence & true wealth that all should have.In my point of view,both RICH & POOR society are compose of individuals that are living in prejudism,opportunist & thirst of power.The RICHMAN controls the POORMAN of their same kind,both are brainless to be manipulated my MONEY for what?If you are the RICHEST PERSON in earth with fame & surrounded by friends,fake friends to be exact!If you die this very moment can you bring all your wealth in your grave.The your relatives & friends will mourn for a day & rejoice the day after for the wealth you had left.There will be a celebration of abundance,fortune that they had inherit & you will be forgotten bec. all your worth is the wealth that they are aspiring to have.For me,i'll live my life in the way that i won't be manipulated by money,my main goal is to be happy not to the expense of other myseries.I'll find my happiness,the true meaning of life.We can dream to be rich & reached that dream but not to the extent that our conscience is clouded by our greed.All i can say is.....LIVE RIGTH,LIVE RICH,LIVE CLEAN,LIVE HAPPY BECAUSE WE LIVED IN GOD & WE REST IN OUR FAITH.

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