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Be the Alpha/Dominant male

NightLight9, ASF: "The Alpha male - I use this phrase a lot... Here is quick run down of what it means to me. If you watch animal shows on PBS or Discovery Channel, many species have a dominant male who has sex with all the females in the group, while the other males get none while waiting for him to die or until they are tough enough to kick his ass and become the alpha male themselves. Many males never get to be an alpha male (never get laid).

Often it seems like you know guys who are always getting laid and other guys never get laid. You'll even see women talking to/hanging out/being friends with the average guy, but then sleep with some other guy (even if he is a jerk, sleeps around and doesn't respect them). The guy who gets laid is playing the role of the alpha male, while the other guys are submissive males.

I'm saying be the guy who gets laid. That guy is confident that he's going to get laid, because he knows he's an alpha male. He knows that women and people in general want to be with him so he doesn't shy away from conversation and meeting new people. He doesn't worry what others think about him when he's doing his thing. He takes control of a situation with authority. He knows he's fun to be with because he is always having a good time and therefore he _is_ fun to be with. He knows that if he is in a group of guys and a group of girls, he will be the one the girls choose to be with, and by having this to be the expected outcome, it is a self fufilling profecy.

Ok here's, how I did the Alpha/Dominant Male thing.... First I created a model of what I thought a Dominant Male should be. Much the same as the one stated before. Then I used it to change my frame of reference about myself, ie I stepped into my model of the Dominant Male. I claimed what I knew to be my genetic right. nd I didn't care who knew it. I didn't make excuses for it either. I just excepted it as the natural order of things. This is not an outward thing that you do but rather an inward change that radiates outward in everything you do.

Being the alpha male is all about attitude and projecting the image that you are fun to be with and the woman should want to be with you. Being the alpha male is self perpetuating. The more you believe you are the alpha male, the more you become the alpha male."

NightLight9?: "As for competing with the muscle boys - that's why I changed my model from seeing myself as the Alpha Male (there can only be one) to a Dominant Male (there can be more than one, but they're all dominant)."

The above quotes discuss being the dominant male in a group of other males. The following quotes will explain how to expand that attitude into your interatcions with women.

Jason, Clifford's Seduciton newsletter: "There's an attitude to take with super
HB's (and all women really) that is pure gold. The thought is that "INSTINCTUALLY women KNOW their role." The key word here is INSTINCTUALLY. What this means is that on an "instinctual" level women ARE all the same! They get their juices flowing when they are in the presence of a MAN who is living HIS ROLE. MAN is the dominant one, NOT woman. And deep down inside women KNOW this. This has NOTHING to do with being an asshole. This is about being a MAN who is NOT afraid [which doesn't necessarily only have to mean the usual "TARZAN NOT AFRAID!!" macho stuff, but also not being afraid to be honest, sensitive and caring when the time is right].

You have to be the MAN who has all the sexual power. And when a woman (no matter how hot) sees and feels the presence of a man whom she recognizes as the dominant one while SHE isn't, she does what every woman does - that is SURRENDERS to the more powerful being. And all that acting like she's hot and knows she's the stuff and all those other "head up in the air" tricks are just a test and a way to weed out all the men who are less powerful than her and don't know their role as a MAN."
Seducing Women: How to Become an Alpha Male

One secret that has been true since time immemorial is that women have always found alpha males irresistible. The Alpha Male has something about magnetic that causes a lot of women to fall for him.

Women’s getting attracted to an alpha male is as natural as males getting attracted to a woman with a pretty face or curvaceous figure.

Do have any idea about who is an alpha male and how to be so? The first step is to become aware of the characteristics of an alpha male. The following features will be invariably found in all alpha men.

• Exuding confidence at all times irrespective of the condition they face.
• Is aware of his demand, but never proves his superiority to those around.
• Sought and viewed as an expert to handle every situation
• Leader who initiates and grooms people.
• A very good company for women.
The first step about knowing the characteristics has been done. Now is the time to put effort into acquiring such a personality. This can be done if you have the right attitude and the right body language.
Following are 5 simple steps by which you can become and show your alpha male characteristics to the world.

Step 1 : Get rid of “Beta Male” personalityThere are certain traits and mannerisms which are negative and make you a beta male. This is what you have to shun as a first step into transforming yourself into an alpha male.
These mannerisms are:
• Folding your arms
• Being restless
• Dropping shoulders
• Hands in the pocket attitude
• Hesitating• Constant fiddling

Now having discovered which of the above traits you have you can start getting rid of them. This is a very good beginning into acquiring an alpha male personality.
Step 2 : Exude confidence Confidence is a huge magnet which attracts all women. The body language is the primary tool through which you can display your confidence. A very easy way to have a lot of woman fall for you.Be calm and composed under all circumstances. This is a key feature of an alpha male. No matter how bad or how good a situation is you will never lose your head.
If you lack confidence take strong steps so that you become more self confident. This is a must for all of us. Women can detect in a few seconds if the guy is confident or not. Introspect and know the causes which deter you from being confident and work to eradicate them completely.
Step 3 : Just do itBeta males are very often nervous when dealing with women. This is because they are worried on the results of the conversation. The alpha male on the other hand, is not worried about what he will get. He is not bothered if he will ruin his chances, but focuses on having a great talk with the woman.
Keep in mind that it is not a situation where in you will die if you don’t achieve. Its is not a do or die case. Relax, enjoy and strike an engaging conversation with the woman of your interest.
Your appearance will tell her all about what you think and desire. Let those beta male traits vanish and stop getting tensed about you being able to attract her or not. This will all get reflected in your body language. Just show her your alpha male traits – be relaxed and have a great conversation with her just for the sake of it!
Step 4: Take a chill pillAs told earlier, alpha male is relaxed , cool and enjoying every minute of the conversation. So it is important for you to be comfortable in attitude when in the company of women.
This is easy to achieve. Be sure to have a direct eye contact. When conversing with a woman make sure you look into her eyes. Looking somewhere else and talking will tell her that you are not interested in her.
Know how to be comfortable and relaxed at all times. Breathe through your stomach and not your chest. This will help you to be relaxed when you talk to the woman of your interest.
There are no shortcuts for this step. You have to train yourself to be relaxed at all times. If you are relaxed and comfortable woman will also enjoy your company which is a very good beginning to attract someone.
Step 5: Plan and executeMistakes can happen anywhere and unknowingly too. A beta male always wants to impress people around him. This is perceived negatively by all woman. This shows that you have an inferiority complex and will never help you build attraction. Beta male has this inherent feature of trying to impress and help all who ask for it.
This does appear positive but is not at all natural for an alpha male. But do not interpret this wrong. Alpha male is not one who is arrogant and insensitive. What I mean is that you should avoid portraying yourself as inferior. Move at your own pace and if possible even slower.
Deliberate each move you make and people will definitely notice this. They will respect you and will never coax you to follow their style of working.
In brief, if you want to attract women into your life the only option for you is to become an alpha male. Learn how to transform into an alpha male and you are sure to reap the benefits which are sure to be unbelievably good. Over a period of time, it will become very easy for you to attract and seduce women.

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