Saturday, January 12, 2008

What Do Women Want? Learn the Little Known Qualities Which Every Woman Wants in Her Man

So what do women want? This is the question which has been raised time and again but the true answer is not known yet. Do women want money? Do they desire looks? What is it exactly that women want? Read on to discover some of the little known qualities every woman desires in her man.

Looks don't count- Looking good does not always have to be exceptionally good looking but looking neat and presentable. As long as you are neat and presentable any woman would be happy to initiate a conversation with you. Therefore the age old myth that looks count is only a myth and not a fact.

Do you always pour your heart out- Well it can be good if you are talking to someone who is flooded with emotions but women like men who are mysterious and are hard to figure. If you are an open book and tell the story of your life on the very first conversation you have with any woman than forget about getting a date and work on your attitude.

Are you emotionally ill? - Some guys are very high on emotions and look for female company just to satisfy their emotional needs to be around a woman. Women always try their best to stay away from such men. Yes women are emotional but the do not prefer men who are emotional specially cry babies.

How much control can you practice? - Women like a man who can control them and the situation and behave like a true leader. You don't want to fall into the nice guy category as they are the most used and abused one's when it comes to dating. Learn to stay in total control and don't let her dominate. Remember if she dominates you she gets the power to dump you.

Tell stories and draw her in- Women love men who are good at communication specially the one's who are great with story telling and can keep them entertained. Communication is an extremely essential part and women prefer men who can talk and talk some sense. Not all men are blessed with this power but you can easily master it with time and practice. Make it a point to read and listen as much as possible. Study the way other people talk and dictate and try to follow the same.

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