Thursday, January 3, 2008

Winning Strategies

1.Let your competitor lead,let them celebrate for their initial success.

2.Always keep one step behind,don't be bothered being left kind give them the opportunity to lead.

3.Watch,Observe & Analyze how they deal with the present situation & study their moves.

4.Still let them lead while you are studying their techniques & planning your moves.

5.Silence is the secret.Don't let give them an idea or even a hint of what's on your mind.

6.Move differently ,Think differently don't associate your acts with what you think.

7.Be mysterious,by confusing like they play but your technique is more systematic now using their own techniques with your newly discovered defense .

8.Don't let them be aware of your steps,by confusing them they will not be aware on what exactly your next moves is going to be.
9.Always keep in our minds that all things we had are borrowed & the time will come that we should surrender it whether we like it or not.So,make good use of it for the greater good.Helping comes with a great responsibility,think & moved by heart.
10.Real success of our business not depends on the eye of mankind but the eye of our creator,God almigthy.Our business is successful if we abide by the rules of GOD.
"Our businesses is GOD's business."


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