Thursday, January 3, 2008

Principles in Life , Wealthiness within

Codes of Honour

Integrity. Sincerity. Honesty.
Enthusiasm. Initiative. Decisiveness. Resourcefulness.
Resolve. Power of Intention. Determination. Commitment.
Singularity of Purpose
Self Belief.
Consistency. Persistence. Dedication. Endurance. Resilience.
Discipline .
Humility. Humility comes with Appreciation of one's Strength.

It is a combination of Awe - Respect - Gratitude - Compassion -
Inner Bliss. Peace of mind. Self Knowledge.

Attract what you want to be

Be to myself what I want in another personWhy? Because if you don't, you will be everything but what your really want to be... You will be what the other person is, good or bad!I decided that this would make a great topic for today. To find out what others have to say, I entered the phrase as a search term into Google and Yahoo. To say I was appalled by the results is an understatement. Most of the results had to do with people who wanted to kill themselves, that nobody loved them, and complaints about how others had treated them badly. Maybe on second thought, it was mean't for me to see these postings to verify to myself what I already know. This is a lesson that I didn't learn until I was older, like gray hair older. Everyone a person comes in contact with affects that person. I rub dirt on my hand, I have dirt on my hand. If we associate with people who have wrong thinking, loose morals, criminal actions and such, over time it will break down our boundaries and change us. Our personalities, actions, thought processes and behaviors, are an amalgamation of all the people and social environments we have been in contact with in our lives. Of course, the more time we spend with any one individual or in a particular social environment, the more we absorb of that individual and social environment. We are a product of our social environment. So knowing this we can answer a few questions that you may have about your life and life situations.

Why am I a loser?
Why do I always fail?
Why am I always in trouble?
Why does everything always happen to me?
Why doesn't anyone love me?
Why do I never have the things I want?

Take a good look at the environment you are in and the company you keep.

Are they winners?
Are they successful?
Are they always in trouble?
Are they leading good wholesome lives?
Are they loving and respectfull to others?
Are they grateful for the things they have?

This social attraction works in both directions. If you want to attract people that are winners, successful and living good lives, you must strive to be a winner, successful and live a good life to attract those people and values into your own lives.So the choice is yours, take responsibility for yourself and pre qualify your social environment and relationships to meet the criteria of the kind of person and life you wish to lead.Its all about attraction, so...Be to yourself what you want in another person and that is what you will attract to yourself and your life.And don't blame others for your life, you attracted everything in your life to yourself.... change what you attract.

"The real winners in life are the people who look at every situation with an expectation that they can make it work or make it better."

There are no problems in life, only solutions. Remember all of the science fiction movies where they are always looking for the "source". Well,your the source. The source in within you. It starts with your mind and your approach to life. A winner achieves dispite adversity. There is a positive side to everything. I have business set backs all of the time. Because of the Principles of Life, I know that the universe is an ordered place. Therefore, everything happens for a reason. People lose because they fail to recognize this fact at a time of diversity, or they just don't know any better. Yes, it hurts and it can get one down when they have a setback or something happens that isn't expected or what you want. But the universe knows what you need. The universe will guide you if your let it. You may not know today or even next week why something went wrong. But, if you wait long enough the reason will reveal itself and you will understand why something went wrong or didn't work out.Thats why winners can face their problems and can look at every situation with an expectation that they can make it work or make it better. It isn't what just happened that matters, its what happens next that makes the difference. And, as I have said before, you only lose if you give up. The universe wants you to win, so just keep going forward.

Change is Inevitable, Personal Growth is a Choice. Just remember that change is inevitable. And if you can't grow and adjust through all of life's ups and downs, you are not likely to stand the test of time. So, instead of blaming your mother or anyone else in your like for your misery, change your attitude and beliefs, and take the steps YOU need to take to be happy.Taking responsibility for your own needs, your happiness and your life, is the most empowering thing you can do for yourself and the only way to make your relationships work.You need to take ownership of your emotions and be responsible for the choices you make. And if you don't like a situation in your life, you're the only one who can change it. Life is full of interruptions: birth, death, divorce, relocation, new job, health challenges, financial disasters, events that shape our lives and give us opportunities to evaluate, change, grow and find our purpose in life. While we can't control much of the world or the various situations changing around us, we can control how we respond.Stability is when everything is settled. But stability means there's no growth, no development, no exciting new gains that might result from unexpected pains. Some people call change progress and celebrate the improvements that it brings. Others curse those same changes and long for the good old days. Same changes, different responses. The choice is ours.There are two kinds of people; those who are changing and those who are setting themselves up to be victims of change.Our crisis’s, disasters and life problems give us an opportunity for us to change. It's a chance to choose a new path.The secret is in recognizing that major change is inevitable. Understanding and planning for that will keep us relevant in the moment while moving ably forward into the future.

To intentionally attract something, we must give up our attachment to it

The Law of Detachment, also known as The Law of Allowing. This law states that in order to intentionally attract something, we must give up our attachment to it.We already know that you get what you think about, whether wanted or unwanted. This also includes what you think about consciously and unconsciously. That's right, even your unconscious thoughts affect what you attract.Whatever you are thinking and feeling about what you desire is attached to that desire. So, if you have any doubt, fear, or negative emotion, you are actually repelling your desire, want, craving or need.To practice the Law of Detachment and receive your desire you must be willing to trust it to a higher power, or who this author calls GOD. You need to put your consciousness in a place of peaceful expectancy; a place where you feel certain that all is well and that you have received your desire. You need to believe without doubt or fear. I ask for my desire or need and than put it out of my head and just thank everyday for receiving that desire or need. The bible calls this faith, but many people do not really understand how this works. There is a three step process to
realizing your dreams and desires. 1 ) ASK:You must verbally ask, with expectancy, for your desire, craving, or need to be met. You must always ask, you cannot receive without first asking. Don't think it, say it. 2 ) ANSWER:The universe or what I believe is my higher power, ALWAYS answers. That power can answer with a yes or a no. Its' not always the answer you want, but its always the right answer. But you receive the answer the moment you ask. 3 ) RECEIVE:To receive you need to be in alignment with what you are asking for, you need to passionately believe even if you have seen no evidence whatsoever that your want has been met. This is where most people fail in their prayers. They ask, the universe answered, and then they don't believe they have received. How many times in our prayers have we asked GOD for something and then every time we pray we ask again. He heard your the first time. Oh God, please, please, please. ASK ONCE and ONLY ONCE, from that point forward only THANK, thats right, THANK GOD for what you have asked for. Even if you have seen no evidence that your desire has been granted. That's faith, asking and believing that you have received. You will not get what you ask for in your time. You will always get it at the right time, and only the universe or the higher power knows what that time is. Everything happens when it is supposed to happen, good or bad, every time, and without exception. This is because the universe and GOD are perfect and do not make mistakes.So, stop repeatedly asking for GOD to give you your desire as he does not like repetitious prayer. Just start thanking him TODAY, without doubt, and with expectancy.

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