Saturday, November 1, 2008

"Missing You Everyday"

I miss you……..

Each morning I wake up,You’re the first thought on my mind.

Looking to put my arms around you,But there’s nothing to find.

I realize you’re not thereAnd again sadness sets in.It’s a bad situation,Neither of us can win.

I miss you so badly,The smile on your face.The warmth of your body
I miss the look in your eyesIn the bright morning sun.

Thinking of how to make you happy,A smile on your face tells me I’ve won.

As you can probably tell,I’m not having a great day.I keep thinking how much I miss youIn each and every way.

Words aren’t enoughTo say how I feel.There’s never a doubtMy feelings are real
I know that I love youI miss you so much.The feelings of your kiss,The feel of you touch.
I promise not to take for grantedThe love that we shareI promise not to forgetTo show how much I care

I want and need youAs part of my lifeIt’s the reason I asked youAnd want you to be my wife.
I miss you todayAs much as the day before.You’re the only oneI want to adore.

Have I made my point,Can you understand?I need your love,I want your hand.
Thinking of youIs all that I do.I’ve told you many times,This is nothing new.

So I’ll finish this up

Just hoping that you knew

I love you so much

I miss you……......

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