Tuesday, April 22, 2008

"Be Irresistibly Attractive From Date #1"


There are certain "mindsets" that women who
are naturally successful in love have that draws
men's attention and interest.

These beliefs or "mindsets" trigger a very
powerful response in a man. It tells him that this
is a woman who is self-assured and knows what she
wants and how to get it.

These beliefs also communicate that the woman
is "higher status" and thus naturally compel a man
to think she's unique and someone worth his time
and attention.

In other words, these are the "attitudes" a
woman projects that make her irresistible to a

It's what a woman is saying without actually
saying it at all. She says it with her body
language, with the way she carries herself and
the way she behaves inside a relationship.

They're BELIEFS because a woman actually
believes these to be true about herself and her

The reality is that if things haven't been
working for you, and you've have some of the
same negative patterns going on in your relationships
several times... then you can't just "wing it."

At least not if you care about GROWTH and
CHANGE in your life towards something better.
(such as an amazing and lasting relationship with
a great man)

Here are just a few of these beliefs that
are at the foundation of what makes some women
IRRESISTIBLE to men, without them even having
to try:

-"I don't let a man determine what I want/will
have in my love-life."

This kind of woman won't "settle" for a man who
isn't giving her what she wants and needs,

-"I'd move on and leave a man before I'd let him
ruin my life."

This woman won't stay in a relationship that's
abusive, degrading or morally questionable. She
also won't put up with bad behavior from a man.
Integrity and trust are important to her, and she
lets him know that.

-"I wouldn't keep a man from doing the healthy
personal things he enjoys, or come between him and
them because of my own fears or limitations."

She knows that her man is an adult who has the
right and freedom to make his own choices - and
the more she tries to RESTRICT HIM, the less he's
going to feel open, free and empowered in being
with her and sharing his life in all aspects.

She respects his "freedom" and his need to
pursue his goals and dreams.

And that's just for starters...

I'm just skimming it
strategies and attitudes WORK
he surface of what to create intense
attraction with a man.

The kind of attraction that guarantees he's not
going to "get weird" on you when you let him know
how you're feeling, because he'll be feeling the
same way.

The kind of attraction that has a man feeling
shocked or surprised at how he's feeling about a
woman- because instead of seeing a committed
relationship as "restrictive"... he'll actually
be the one wanting the relationship to grow deeper
and lead it there.

Wouldn't it feel great to have the guy you're
so attracted to be interested in something
meaningful and "real" with you too? To where he's
the one asking you to do more things, share more
things, and wanting to know that his love for you
is reciprocated?

In my "Natural And Lasting Attraction" program
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