Wednesday, April 23, 2008

"A Calm Mind"

A Calm Mind

Don't give your mind permission to get disturbed.
A disturbed mind is easily influenced. This will cost you your peace.
Learn to maintain your peace by freeing yourself from attachments.
Competing or comparing yourself with others will not allow you to focus inwards.
An inner focus allows you to keep your eye on your higher self.

Remember your original nature. It allows you to forge a link with the Divine.
Then it becomes easy to recognize useless thoughts
And replace them with a spiritual perspective.
A calm mind is not just peaceful, it is focused,

Self-directing and Divine.

"It is essential to know that
to be a happy person,
a happy family, a
happy society, it is very
crucial to have a good
heart, that is very

World peace must
develop from inner
peace. Peace is not just
the absence of violence but
the manifestation of
human compassion."

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