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Greeting every one working with patients all over this small world. I hope every one having Good Health which became No.1 Target for me and my group.

Priorly has now become, and was Ist for medical students and residents under training. Now this site is meant for Patients all over & health care providers, Health care Companies, Myself and a Small Group in the Middle East has seen and studied Health Care Systems in different Countries.

It was Shocking to us the difference in GDP Spending between developed and developing countries which made us think where G8 Countries & UN Form all that. Why people are dying from hunger in Africa or the Middle east or in other Countries, just login into UN or of human rights watch, you will know what I am talking about, for which I build up this website, as a medium to exchange information and health education to People, teaching them their rights, especially in 3rd World Countries and all over the world .

I do Acknowledge the extensive work done by G8 and other Groups & we are all grateful to them, but we need to work as one group, A Team, and be very transparent to each other, and all organizations should unite in this Humanitarian task and bridge the Gap slowly and surely and we can save the world. So does the next generation do not blame us, as we all have children.

Dr. M. Nidal Ashoor
Surgeon & Human Rights Activist
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This site for every one who respect Humanity


nidal said...

Hi every one,

I am Dr. Mohamed Nidal Ashoor

Senior Consultant Surgeon
Fellow Of The Royal College Of Surgeon Of Edinburg Scotland UK
Fellow Of The American College Of Surgeons
Diploma France
Member Several Society & Association and Organization
Human Right Activist
In general, Specifically In Health Care for All, What Started The Whole Thing is Our Feasibility Study for Different Care Systems in the world, it took us Five Years of hard work, I will update weekly on the site. we are Non profitable group self Fund at this stage and we will keep going until we reach our Mission, I believe in Transparency, working for better world, May be as Health Providers as One group in the Whole World we can Teach the politician to respect Human life regardless of religon, race, colour, We believe strongly in fare Intellectual exchange of information Between Different Society for butter Human life. I do not believe in any kind of violance and racism, We have to be very open to see the big picture, I believe in fare score Globilzation not North & South. Please Consider this site is yours Welcoming new ideas, Lets safe the world as one hand, So our children well not blame us. I hope you got the idea.

Keep safe & Good Health

yours Sincerely

Dr. Ashoor
Please Call me Nidal

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Thoughts, I Wounder how much the Expenditure Spend in Military is it the same as spend in Health Care??? or helping people to survive , is there equity .