Wednesday, April 23, 2008

"What should one look for to choose the Right Web Host"

Whatever type of website one wants to host, choosing the correct host can be complicated. Many of the hosting companies offer much more than one will ever be able to use, high-end packages are recommended for small websites by their sales staff.

One should be cautious while choosing, one might require opportunity to expand but before contacting a company’s sales department; one should have a look at the size of his/her website. If one’s requirement is 10MB then there is no need of 1&1s Home package with 800MB for £4.99 a month!

Factors like price and disk space are not enough to consider when one makes his/her choice of a host. Monthly transfer is the amount of information that can be moved by both visitors and person hosting the site; uploading and downloading files may form a part of monthly transfer. Monthly transfer is also called as bandwidth and is gradually consumed up by every visit. Many hosts often offer more space then transfer! One should not get caught.

Database is an essential requirement when one is planning to install a forum or a content management system. Windows and Linux based hosts both manage MySQL databases, but as Linux being more efficient is often appreciated much. Hosts should charge a small fee for addition of an extra database to one’s account , but one needs to find out how many are included and what will be the cost of upgrades before deciding on whom to hand one’s money too.

One should use a company which is known to be trustworthy, whether one comes to know by someone using those companies or have heard of their good services.

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