Wednesday, April 23, 2008

"The Secret To Finding Him Online"

You have no idea how many times I am asked “what is the secret to finding him online?” Sometimes they like my answer...and sometimes they don’t!

The secret to finding him online is knowing who “him” is when you spot him. If you are wandering around blind folded how will you know? If you are serious about finding him online take off the blind fold and start 2 lists before going any further. Your “must have” list is the list that is set in stone. There is no flexibility or negotiation on this list.

Then you have your list of “options”. In a perfect world, you would love to have these additional bonuses but you would be willing to live without them.

Compare the lists with cars;... 4 tires, an engine, and seats are “must haves”. A moon roof, a DVD and MP3 players are all “options”.

Another part of the secret to finding him online is this; stop wasting time with men that clearly do not fit your lists.

Let’s suppose on your “must have” list is: a non-drinker (your deceased father was a drunken tyrant), someone that wanted children (you have 3 under the age of 7) and a man that was home every evening. (You can’t stand being alone at night!) you have established mutual interest in a few guys. One slams down 3 beers each evening that the two of you are on the phone.

Another guy had such a dysfunctional, traumatic childhood that he had a vasectomy before having any children.

And the third is a traveling business man that is out of town 4 nights a week.

How can you find “him” if you are spending your free time with men that clearly (according to you) will not fit in your world?

The secret to finding him online begins with knowing what you want and not settling for less. Take that and add a few more online dating skills and you will be on your way! What are you waiting for!

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