Wednesday, April 30, 2008

For Love

Find someone who knows the Lord,
someone you can be friends with
forever, someone who knows
what love is and knows how to love,
someone who is giving & caring,
someone you can have some fun with,
someone you enjoy talking to, someone that
supports you but does not enable you,
someone who will compromise, a person that will
speaks words of affirmation and encouragement,
that is compassionate, that is clothed
with humility, that does not gossip or slander,
someone who prefers you over themselves,
and someone that will pray together with you.

…….and then be that person yourself.

Realize that "I Love You" is an
outward expression. You may love what
somebody does for you, and you may fall
in love, but when you say those special
3 words, back it up by expressing it through
your actions. Show your love by giving it
externally. Meet your spouses or significant
others emotional needs where they need it.
Be thoughtful and take the time to do and say
the things that will communicate to them that
you love them.

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