Saturday, April 26, 2008

My Perfect Woman

My Perfect Woman...

1.)Loves God
2.)Loves her family
3.)Loves herself
4.)Is my best friend, and I'll be hers
5.)Is honest with everyone
6.)Doesn't Steal
7.)Helps out those who need help indiscriminately
8.)Wants and romantically loves me and only me
9.)Is able to sing or play guitar or somehow connect with me musically
10.)Is ambitious and hard-working
11.)Loves kids
12.)Is honest with herself about her emotions, thoughts, and decisions
13.)Won't kiss me on the first date. Or the second.
14.)Knows how to give a good massage (or is willing to learn)
15.)Won't want me for the money (i.e. if I was tom hanks from castaway she'd still be mine)
16.)Stands up for those who can't stand up for themselves
17.)Knows what it means to commit herself fully and irrevocably to a cause or person
18.)Doesn't use hard drugs
19.)Is trustworthy when she drinks, or simply choses not to drink
20.)Is somebody I can trust not to cheat on me while alone in a room with a naked Brad Pitt, Johnny Depp, and Orlando Bloom.
21.)Likes getting roses
22.)Will pick a wild rose for me and put it on my guitar while I'm trying to play
*optional 23.)Hates Lima beans
24.)Enjoys my cooking
25.)Kisses away my tears
26.)Feels completely secure when I hold her in my arms
27.)Knows that love isn't a brick that falls on you, but a house that's built
28.)Understands my jokes and finds the majority of them funny
29.)Can lose track of time when she's with me
30.)Is ok with washing dishes if I do the laundry
31.)Doesn't freak out on me when I shrink her favorite Roxy shirt in the dryer...
32.)Tries to carefully consider and earnestly mean everything she says
33.)Is wise beyond her years, but innocent beyond her wisdom
34.)Gets along with my folks and best friends
35.)Is courageous to just barely under the line of stupidity
36.)Laughs. All the time. And it will make me 10 years younger every time I hear her.
37.)Respects people whether they're rich, poor, beautiful, hideous, and doesn't ignore anyone unless she has to
38.)Agrees with me that rodents are commonly misspelled as "pets" when they are actually "pests"
39.)Understands what the difference is between romantic love and best friend love... and desires to combine the two.
40.)Is clever and witty
41.)Is sensitive and compassionate
42.)Knows right from wrong and tries staying on the right side of the fence
43.)Has read the Bible cover to cover at least once
44.)Misses me immensely whenever I go, and inspires the same feelings in me
45.)Loves me
46.)Finds me as beautiful in their eyes as they are in mine

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