Wednesday, April 30, 2008

"Perseverance of a Dream"


"May you have perseverance in all you ever do?"

"May you have the will power to continue each and everyday?"

"In all we do and say,”

"Just remember,”

"There will be times of hardships, needs and despair,”

Wondering weather we are on the right track,

Of Life!

"Keep your faith and perseverance,”

Life is filled with challenges,

If you get knocked,

Get up,

Dust yourself off,

And try again,

Keep trying, as there is a way,

To all good things that come our way

So, show a sign of perseverance,

Never give up!

Keep trying,

Never give up on a dream,

Your dream,

Have a little perseverance,

It is what true dreams and goals,

Are made of....

So, never ever give up on your dream!

Show perseverance!

As I have shown you my perseverance

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