Saturday, April 26, 2008


There are so many questions that we ordinarily ask ourselves. We deal with different experiences everyday, meet different types of people with different backgrounds. Sometimes, we play as preys for predators. Some people prey on those who are innocent of something they are not even aware of. But why do these things happen?

I believe it happens for a reason. And that reason may be known or unknown to the prey. But in our search for the truth, we must be ready to face the challenges or trials that will come ahead.

Some people kept on running away from their problems and lack the courage to face and deal with those by doing something that will neutralize the situation. Instead, they rely on their feelings of revenge and even plan to victimize some innocents around them. Is this considered fair? It is quite obvious that it isn't but the innocent need to undergo this situation in order to learn from another experience and learn a valuable lesson in his/her development. We do not only gain suffering from our experiences but also virtues that we should have applied from the start. It makes us stronger and better persons. Some people do have insecurities and tend to do more bad things because of their frustrations. Some people already think that it's normal to blame people for their sufferings but I guess they have made it worse if they were not able to resolve it by applying good things. If somebody did something bad, the victims should not return the favor and instead do something good to make the predators realize their mistakes. And for that, all innocents should be ready for any repercussions.

Some people long for something that they have not achieved and thus became their frustrations. Aren't these frustrations just part of ordinary life? I think frustrations are normal and should not be hindrances to achieving people's ultimate goal, to be happy. Happiness comes with so many sacrifices but those are needed to make it happen.

In life, there should be no tries, it should either be do's or dont's. We should be capable of forgiving and learn how to let go. Holding on to something that we know we can't have will not make us happy. It is just making a fool out of ourselves. We should not make fictions but face reality. Let go of the past and be concerned about the future. If you already did a mistake in the past which resulted to losing a friend, then don't make that mistake again as it should have taught you a valuable lesson. Friends should be cherished and treated sensitively. Friends are not just substitutes for things or experiences that we lack. Friends are important people in our lives but we should not try to dictate our ideas or feelings to them. The main lesson here is acceptance and understanding but abuse should not be tolerated.

"Everything has its own limit."

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