Monday, April 28, 2008

"Love is more than a story"

"LoVe Is MorE tHan a StoRy"

Love is more than a story
It's greater than a myth
It reaches beyond distance
It forsakes time and infinity

Love entwines with imagination
In the mist of enchantment's realm
It pursues the dreams in our heart
It indulges the hope of our mind

Love can be as sweet and pure
As the arrival of newborn innocence
It saturates the depth of emotions
It cultivates the seeds of affection

Love possesses a unique fragrance
Which changes the scent of adoration
To rejuvenate the essence of it's gift
Thus, love is an everlasting aroma

Love lies immortal within the soul
It breathes through the spirit of life
It survives pain, lost, unfound destiny
It embraces warmth,feelings,gentle care

Love gained enhances it's hidden beauty
It strengthens an undeniable force
Love lost, is gathered together again
For love is to precious to waste

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