Wednesday, April 23, 2008

"The Secret To Finding Her Online"

If you have been involved with online dating for any period of time, you are bombarded with all types of women and you aren’t really interested in many of them. They just aren’t what you want for one reason or another. Actually, I bet if you were able to “pick and choose” what you want you would be able to “build” the perfect woman from a combination of 4 to 6! Unfortunately, you can’t do that...yet.

So, the secret to finding her online is to be a precise as possible. I mean literally have a list of “must haves” and your list of “options”. The list of “must haves” are not negotiable and can actually be “deal breakers”. The items on this list will never leave this list. Another online secret to finding her online is to stop wasting time with women that do not fit your list.

If on your “must have” list is a non-smoker, no one with children under 18, and must live within 50 miles. Now these are your must haves...right?

Then will you please tell me why you have several women that smoke (with no intentions of quitting), there are a freight load of screaming children in the background, and why aren’t these children in bed by now? Because this single mother lives so far away, there is a 2 hour time difference! You must be kidding me!

Either you need to revise your lists, or stop trying to find “her” online! Because according to your list you are wasting time with women (remember the lists?) you would never get involved with!

You have the secret to finding her online. But before you can utilize the secret you have to do your part first! Start going over your lists with a fine tooth comb, acquire a few more online dating skills...and you will be on your way!

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