Friday, April 25, 2008

"Lesson in life"

A Mental Cry for Help

Last week I went to the store to recharge my cell phone credit. I only had 50 pesos and so I spent all the money I had available in cash. Once I paid, I realized there was this little kid crying because his mom had sent him to the store to buy orange juice, but once he paid for it, the bottle fell off his hands and he broke it, spilling the juice around.

He was crying begging to the cashier to change him the juice bottle because his mom was going to spank him. The lady said so un-politely "I am not changing the bottle! It was your fault! pay for another one!"

So there I was, without any cash and I couldn't help this little boy! I felt so sad about this situation, and I thought I couldn't do anything.

I left the store feeling bad about it and then I went back, I really wanted to help the boy. I decided to tell the cashier that I was gonna leave my cell phone with her while I went back home to grab some cash to pay for the bottle of juice. When I entered the store, another lady had already purchased the juice bottle for the boy!

And so, I think that somehow, with my intention, I cried for help and my spiritual guides connected my cry to another helpful lady and helped the little boy. Thanks to HER!!!

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