Monday, April 28, 2008

"Positive Outlook in Life"


Negative things within our mind
Can cause so much despair
The many doubts
and discontent
Brings hurt that w
e must bear.

So sad to keep it all inside
Causes so much grief and pain
When we stop to think about it all
Its ourselves
we have to blame.

The way we feel is up to us
God can and will give us peace
If we ha
ve a better attitude
The pain we feel will cease.

Don't let bad thoughts haunt you
Too special you
are by far
Remember God who gave you life
Loves you just the way you are.

Be content with the person you see
Because perfect is wh
at you need not to be
You do not have to pretend to be someone you are not

For inside of your heart beauty is what you have
And once you allow your inner beauty to shine through
All eyes will most certai
nly be on you
For looks in life onl
y goes so far
But when you are proud of whom you are

Happier with yourself is what you will b
For your inner beauty is what is what others will se
So you do not have to look a certain way

For others to accept you on any given day

If others do not like you they are the ones missing out

On the chance to find what it is you truly are about

So never think you have to change to fit in

Always remember, true beauty comes fr
om within.

Live as you will wish to have

Lived when you are dying....

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