Thursday, March 26, 2009

Ability or Intelligence

We are all in the midst of understanding ,all of us have a different reasoning,power of learning,logical,intellectual,talent,and so on and so forth. But sometimes have you tried to ask yourself regarding our ability and Intelligence. Some of you will raised up their eyebrows , for giving the same meaning about ability and Intelligence,if you can look at it, it seems so different in meaning , because there are no two words with the same meaning, but for me its definitely true, all words have different usage,just like our own fingers with different sizes and with different activity. No in this world have a perfect and accurate ways of living . What is all about? Its only a very simple analysis for what we saw, and for what we experienced, it validates everything ,because of that, all of our theories turned into a fact , a fact of reality, just like what I always saying,”There is no perfect rules without the presence of a given facts or Reality”. All our needs as a human being are based on reality. As a homo sapiens , we are all created equally,but we have a reasonable task to perform while we are still living,we have a different capability to acquire and apply knowledge,we have a faculty of thought and reason,we have a superior power of mind, sometimes and always as a gift from our beloved creator and that is “Intelligence”. In our modern days now, from the beginning until the time of our physical retirement,all of us have vision of hope for whatever the things that we are doing, someone have a quality of being able to do something, most specially physical,mental ,financial or any means or legal power to accomplish something, which collaborate a natural or acquired skill or talent referred as “Ability”.

In the past up to our present time, it so obvious ,a remarkable contribution from the old ages, and still we are all a beneficiary of all the inventions of our ancestors like the technology of light by Thomas Edison , in telecommunication, invented by Alexander Graham Bell ,for his astounding ability of curiosity, he invented our telephone for his acquired skills ,no one will questioned his ability, that most of intelligent individual sometimes and always doesn't have. From the human history ,we recognized all inventors around the globe because of their natural ability even without any merit of title of honorship but having” acquired skill”considered as Ability. In our modern times, all successful individual use their ability like William (Bill ) Gates III (Microsoft Corporation), Warren Buffet (Berkshire Hathaway)Carlos Sim Helu (Telecommunication)Laksmi Mittal etc,, all of them are not having any scholastic records during their school days ,they are only an average individual took place a successful businessmen and considered as a top billionaires of the world.

All of us are capable to acquire intelligence through our parents,our peers,our school but we never acquired natural skill or talent thru intelligence.

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