Saturday, March 7, 2009

Tips to Create a New Wardrobe Without Spending Much

Three Tips to Create a New Wardrobe Without Spending a Dime of Your Own Money

If you check the newspapers, it seems that clothing sales were down during the past holiday season. Retailers are trying to figure out how to market new clothing, shoes and accessories without deep discounts. I say, ignore the retailers, at least for now, and create your own new wardrobe without spending a dime out of pocket.

Tip Number 1: Clean out your closet. This may seem not only a daunting task, but you may be saying so what? How does cleaning out my closet help me get a new wardrobe without spending a dime of my own money? Patience, patience.

Cleaning out your closet will not only provide you with new outfits, but also more money. Bear with me here. Clothes you choose not to wear have energy attached to them, energy of the past. So, let's get moving!

Day One: remove all your shoes, purses, belts and scarves from your closets. Have two large plastic bags available. Check out each pair of shoes. If you like them, wear them often and they are in great shape, keep them. If you do not wear them and they are in great shape, put them in the Consignment bag. Place the other shoes in the Good Will bag. Keep great black, taupe and brown shoes; also keep great boots, both high (knee) and low (ankle) cut. Any doubts about a shoe, purse or belt, throw it out! Place in one bag or the other, but get rid of it.

If you are saving those 5-inch heels to wear to some special occasion, just to let you know, you will never wear them if you have to walk upright. Get rid of them. Note how you feel at the end of the day. Tired probably, maybe emotionally drained. Just notice what's going on with you.
Day Two: You may need a friend to help you be a little wrathful. This is the day for tops - blouses, sweater, tanks, (not suits - keep them together) and anything else in your closet that you would wear above the waist. Follow the same procedure as in Day One, i.e., two plastic bags, one labeled Consignment, the other Good Will or any charity of your choice. If you have an Image For Success office nearby, contact them as well.

If the top does not fit, get rid of it right now. Stay in the moment with everything you try on. If it does not fit this minute, dump it. Let someone else enjoy it. If it looks like the 70s, 80s or 90s, get rid of it. If the style is not age appropriate, get rid of it. Remember, we only wear about twenty percent of our clothing anyway.

Whew! That was hard work and acknowledge yourself regarding this state of being. Don't cry when you look at the bags and your closet. Remember, we have a goal in mind and that is to create a new wardrobe without spending a dime out of your pocket.

Day Three: A toughy. Time to try on anything below the waist - pants, jeans, skirts and any other article of clothing you have been wearing that passes for a skirt or pant. Maybe a sarong or two? You would be amazed at the type of fabric women pass off as clothing. If the pants are too short, too tight, too loose, have pockets, pleats or waistbands, get rid of them. If your skirts are too long, say over the calf, or too short, say above the knee, get rid of them. Remember to stay in the moment and keep what you would wear today, right now, out in the world.

Day Four: This is the day for coats, outerwear and suits. As stated prior, suits that do not fit, top and bottom, get rid of them. If the jacket is useful, keep what works and get rid of the other piece. As to coats and other outwear, try them on and make sure they fit. Body's change and what fit last year may not fit this year. Remember, dress in the moment.
You are probably, or should be, very tired right now. But wait! Now we are onto the creative part.

Of the remaining keepers in your closet, place everything on your bed, tops and bottoms for now. Look at shapes, colors, styles and mix and match to create new outfits with a good friend by your side to help you. You will be surprised at how that old thing from the back of the closet that fits you so well looks on you now. Try on new outfits complete with shoes to see what you will now be wearing. At no financial cost, you now have a new wardrobe. If you want to deal with your emotions regarding this process, keep a journal.

Tip Number Two: Time to make money. Take the Consignment bags to the best store that is in alignment with your style. Research may be involved here. I recently moved to a new location and went through two stores before I discovered the one that worked best with my clothes and the owner was willing to work with me on prices. The basis of consignment is that you bring in a gently used article of clothing, tell the owner what you paid for it and they will sell it from 30-50 per cent of original retail; maybe less, maybe more. It depends on the market, time of year and the store's owner. If an item does not sell within thirty days, the owner may reduce the item by fifty per cent. By the way, those Good Will bags? Take them, get a receipt and you can claim them as a deduction on your income tax returns. Talk to your accountant about this. Money and resources everywhere.

So what's in it for you? You get about 40-50 percent of the final sales price. You now have cash in your pocket. If you choose to add items to your wardrobe, purchase them at this same consignment shop! No out of pocket expenses in buying retail ever again. Another word; every type of person brings in their clothes to sell on consignment. How do you think the rich get rich? By paying retail? Please.

Tip Number Three: Find that dramatic, bold piece. We have yet to touch on your jewelry. First, go through it and find some super piece that you love, is maybe a little dramatic, and you would wear everyday. Choose this and start doing it now. If you do not have single piece of jewelry that inspires you, use this same consignment money to purchase it at the store. Wearing the same thing everyday is not bad thing. When I saw the Sex and the City Movie, Sara Jessica Parker's character, Carrie Bradshaw, wore the same belt with over five different outfits of varying styles. It worked for her and it will work for you.

For now, ignore the high retail prices, throwaway clothing and ugly, dated styles in the store. Find your own new wardrobe right in your own closet and make money, buy new-to-you apparel without spending a dime of your own money.

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