Friday, March 27, 2009

Love Is Inspiration

Disease can be a mighty foe. Cancer is the name of one of the foes many face and fight. Who can judge how much a fellow friend endures as each one of us has our measure of pain which can be tolerated. Many look at disease such as Cancer as a death sentence, or the end of their life, which brings a dark foe called fear. It is in this fear we will overcome fear or we will be defeated by fear.

It’s not something you do or don’t do that overcomes the body and death comes. Death comes to each of us in many ways.There’s no measure of faith that determines who will survive and who dies of disease. Being a spiritual person, I have personally heard the best intentioned people say to someone who has cancer, “if you have enough faith in Christ, you will live.” That’s a wonderful statement, yet our faith in God and how good or bad we have lived our lives does not determine one’s survival of the big C or any other terrible disease.

God makes himself known in many ways and in many religions. He has different names for different people. In the Bible it is written, “Who can know the mind of God?” In the same way faith is born and nurtured. I can’t say to anyone suffering with Cancer or any painful disease, there is a way to
become one of the lucky
ones who survives disease or disaster.

Is there a good time for anyone to say good by to those they love? I just don’t have an answer. My answer may differ from yours.What I can share is that I know what I believe. I know living each day to the fullest and knowing what unconditional love is a gift to all of us. Being born at the time of your birth set you on a course of choices. For myself, I don’t know how I will walk through death, but I do know, that I will not be alone nor will I be afraid.

For me, death marks a new beginning not and ending to whom I am
and always will be. I believe it’s how we live each day that inspires another person or makes that person wonder about their own humanity.I believe we can inspire the sick by being there
to be their hands and feet. When they are weak. I believe we can comfort and bring joy to the sick and perhaps in doing that, you will have inspired one person during one of the most difficult times in their life. Don’t wonder what you can do to help someone who is sick. Give…give…give…your love. Perfect love casts out fear God tells us. Many want to help but they too are locked in fear to stand up and look at sickness and death in the face.

Why, I believe they are afraid, and question their own mortality.

Love Is Inspiration

Let your arms enfold us through the darkness, I pray.
Let hosts of angels lead the way. May you bring us
succor when we grow tired. And always stay by our side.

For in our dreams a stream will flow, like the warmest rain.
The solace of God’s lasting love shall bring comfort to our race.
Whether we must go, or stay only God will have a say; Yet, he will
always hold us close n his Holy Grace.

We shall feel God’s Spirit embrace us in our sorrow
as darkness unfolds it’s wings. God will lift us up
where eyes may see Divine light.

We shall hold dear, the winds of time, our love enduring
the hardest of harsh; and, when pain reaches for our very
soul, Angels will bring comfort to keep us warm.

In every life there comes a time we look at strife and cry,
Why me, Oh God must I bare this cross of great despair.
It’s here we face the greatest storm, filled with tears and
sails of pain. Screaming out in the hell of fear. Why me?
Oh God I cry.

Life may bring us many sorrows, trials and losses beyond
compare, where suffering, pain and death may come to us,
at which time is unknown.

The joy is living every day. Finding beauty along our way. It’s
living and giving the best we have to those who come our way,
with joy and sharing all that we are in unconditional ways.

Life lived to its fullest has no time. It’s the cadence of each
heart beat that overcomes the deepest dark. Faith to know how
much you’re loved; faith to fight the good fight. Faith to know
there’s another door, when life on earth must end.

Sorrow has no bounty in death, for life forever lives. There is
an end to pain and suffering where eyes will see new life
forever resurrected, in God’s eternal delight.

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