Friday, March 20, 2009

Tips on How to Get Girls to Notice You

easons Why Girls Can't See You - 5 Tips on How to Get Girls to Notice You

You're not a ghost are you? But why do the girls seem to see right through you? If you've always been the guy women never seem to see or the only guy in the group everyone hardly remembers, it's time you try to get a little acknowledgment. Or get noticed at least.

You need poise, you need confidence, and you need to build rapport! You have to have that X-factor that makes you more noticeable. It's time you know how to get girls to notice you. Eliminate all the possible aspects of your personality that makes you a victim of being unnoticed. Here are give of the worst traits you wouldn't want to have and get rid of them one by one.

1. You're probably too shy. If you are too shy, you will definitely have a difficult time attracting girls. Girls are prone to not noticing guys who hardly make noise or are hardly heard so if you want to be on their radar, try to be more active and more confident. Walk with poise and make people know that you know how to handle yourself and you are fun to be with. Try to be less timid and joke around with people sometimes.

2. You lack a sense of humor. Your seriousness could probably be getting in the way of being noticed. Not a lot of guys have the perfect sense of humor and you could be one of them, but try to be lighter and happier than your usual self. Share jokes sometimes, learn to laugh at other people, as well as yourself, but if you want to keep an intriguing side of yourself, do so. Instead of always being the clown, be funny sometimes while on other days, be serious also. In short, keep a balanced personality.

3. You probably need to do something about your hair, or your attire. You appearance can say so much about you and if you want to be considered as someone who dresses well, then simply, dress properly. Be neat at all times, wear color coordinated clothes, and try to keep your hair and teeth clean. Women can notice you by your appearance alone, because first and foremost, attraction starts with one's physical appearance. Put a thought into your looks before setting out to meet people; however, don't be vain. Remember, moderation is key.

4. You don't converse with people. If it is hard for you to lose shyness, it'll actually be harder for you to simply converse with people; and talking with people is a big way for you to get noticed. You must know how to talk to people and how to befriend them. Remember, people who hardly make a sound are most likely easier to forget and if you don't want to fall under that unfortunate list of the forgotten, then start talking and start making friends.

5. You lack originality. A lot of guys lack the most important trait of all and that's simply by being themselves. They tend to pretend they're someone famous and some might even dress like a celebrity, but end up to be a big turn-off for women instead. Women hate imitators of a certain person and would most definitely want someone to act like himself instead. To impress women, you must act as yourself and not as anybody else.

It's time you get rid of these 5 distracting traits if you want to know how to get girls to notice you. If you want your presence to be appreciated, then try to befriend people while at the same time, acting like your own usual self. The key on how to get girls to notice you is simply confidence and acting yourself.

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