Thursday, March 12, 2009

On The Positive Side

ositive energy can attract what you want in life; positive energy will help you achieve your goals. Here's 10 ways to be a positive person, and how attraction works.How does positive energy affect life?

he law of attraction states that we transmit positive and negative energy constantly. Others pick up on positive energy and gravitate towards us or pick up on negative energy and are repelled by us. The Secret by Rhonda Byrne is the most recent incarnation o
f the Law of Attraction - recently described on the Oprah Winfrey show - which states that like attracts like.Positive energy can help you achieve your goals.

How do you know if you're emitting positive energy? The best – and easiest – way to know is by looking at the people in your life. Are they encouraging and uplifting, or are they draining away your energy? (Those energy vampires will get you every time).You're emitting positive energy when you:Stay in touch with your dark side and weaknesses, and are willing to grow towards healing and strength. Positive energy is about movement.

See the positive qualities in other people. Positive energy values other positive qualities.Feel compassion towards yourself and the world (we're all doing the best we can!)Listen to – and try to understand – other perspectives, regardless of how different. Positive energy is open minded.Give the benefit of the doubt.

Positive people don't judge quickly.Express your true self in thoughts and actions, gently and honestly (and free others to do the same!). Positive energy is honest.Share your negative thoughts and emotions. Positive energy admits the negative.Celebrate the success and happiness of other people. Positive energy appreciates success.Feel fear and defeat, and keep persevering anyway. Positive energy doesn't deny negative emotions.Follow your dreams and desiresYou're not emitting positive energy when you:Ignore your dark side and weaknesses (and then act them out). Negative energy isn't up front.Focus on other people's mistakes and weaknesses. Negative energy is critical.

Obsess about being perfect; whether it's at work, at home, or with your appearance (or other people's!). Negative energy strives for perfection.Try to change other people's perspectives and opinions. Negative energy wants everyone to be of one mind.Try to please people constantly and ignore your own needs. Negative energy isn't balanced.Let other people's moods and energy dictate your own.Swallow your negative thoughts and emotions.Resent the successes and joys of others. Negative energy is jealous.

Allow fear and cynicism to harden your heart and color your perspective. Negative energy revolves around fear and bitterness.Ignore your goals, plans, and passions. Negative energy suffocates your dreams.

How Positive Energy Affects Your Life: Perfection and Popularity People with positive energy are determined to do their best, and to see the best in the world around them. People with positive energy don’t focus on "should have" or idealized, perfect expectations that are impossible to live up to. People with positive energy have an open heart and a sense of humor. People with positive energy don't care about being popular or keeping up with the Jones's – and they stay in touch with their hearts and souls. People with positive energy achieve their goals.

How Positive Energy Affects Your Life: Failures and Disagreements People with positive energy make mistakes and own up to them. They keep lines of communication open, opting for discussion and connection – and people with positive energy are satisfied with "agreeing to disagree." Failures and disagreements don't faze people with positive energy, because they know they're part of living and working with humans!

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