Tuesday, March 3, 2009

" Illusion Of The Mind "

There is dissention among my own ranks

I live in a world of blasphemy and confusion

The B R I A N that you see and read

Is often times just an illusion

I decorate my life with bells and whistles

so the masses are immune to the truth

keeping a tight hold on what I am

refusing to allow myself to get used

The choices that I make are ones of need

Not realizing the impact of today

Trying to get up for another tomorrow

Can't imagine I would end up this way

I am not in favor of the person I see

Broken mirrors and shattered dreams

Minute by minute, Hour by hour, Day after day

One long irrelevant exhistance, or so it seems

I don't accept the worries or fears

Although they are noted by those close to me

There is this hole that has been dug

Climbing to the surface, well, that is up to me

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