Tuesday, March 10, 2009

My Princess Charming

(To the girl I know , her presence I feel in my heart)

Till now I do not know her name

But I am confident, someday

I’ll knowHer face sparkles like a full moon

All around she radiates a serene glow

It is always at moonlit night

In my dry barren heart appears she

Dressed like a fairy in all white

She smiles, extends her hands at me

Rose petal lips and long curly hair

Her deep sea eyes and cheeks pink

Slender curvy physique one may think

Cut out from emerald with much care

Her heart I know is like a red red rose

Her voice is music of a nightingale

Her look makes a violet tulip smile

Nature’s charm shines bright in her pose !

Her steps are that of a delightful spring

Dancing down a high mountain top

She sings and giggles at slightest tickle

I named her my “Princess Charming”

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